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Review of Clearview XXL tinted windscreen with vent for the Burgman 650.

Let me first disclose that I’ve been given a 50% discount for testing and reviewing this product. I was on the waiting list and there was a mix up whereby they first said it would be free as a tester, then said I could have it for 50% if I provide them with a write-up.

Approximate Retail Cost:

XXL Screen $140
Tint $20
Vent $40
Shipping $40
Total: $240

Purchased form Clearview:
800-798-6089 [email protected]

Sorry, no pic as I don't have a digital camera.

It was worth the wait! I waited nearly nine months for this screen and I’m glad I did. I bought my 2003 Suzuki Burgman in October of 2003 and immediately realized that the stock windscreen was not adequate. I originally had a 2003 Honda Reflex that I fitted with the larger of the two GIVI windscreens. I was used to the maxim protection from wind that would rattle your helmet and produce wind noise.

Speaking with Craig at Clearview, I quickly learned that there were four sizes to choose from, however even their largest screen that they called Extra Large was really less than I was looking for. Reading many postings form the Burgman group on Yahoo, I determined that some folks who had bought this screen or the GIVI screen weren’t satisfied in that they were looking for even more protection. It was my preference to have the largest screen I could get and I was used to looking through the screen as opposed to over it. Clearly there can be issues with regard to rain, but for me this trade off was acceptable as I as a rule don’t ride in rain.

After several months of email correspondence with Craig, I learned that Clearview was designing a new screen they were calling XXL, or Extra-Extra large. I decided to wait for this screen. Once this screen was available and several people had tested and favorably reported their satisfaction of it, I decided it was time for me to place my order.

Of course when I called to place my order, Craig mentioned that I might wish to wait a little bit longer as they were now working to fashion an adjustable vent on this screen. Knowing that some people reported the increased back pressure caused with the large screen, I though this additional item would be ideal to have. A few months more went by and then I was told of the good news. I was able to get exactly what I wanted, the XXL screen in light tint with the adjustable air vent.

I’ve had it for a few weeks and very pleased. Fit and finish is superb, and the vent looks like it was designed to be part of the screen from the ground up. The size works well and accomplishes exactly what I want, providing little to no turbulence up to about 65 mph. Even over that speed, the turbulence is minor and maybe 10% of what it was with the OEM windscreen. The screen is approx nine inches taller (continuing up at the same angle as the OEM screen) and is a bit wider as well. For reference, I am 5’ 9” with a 32” inseam.

The vent, measures approximately 9 inches wide by 2 ½ inches tall and has multiple positions. It can be fully opened, fully closed, and has several positions in between. I find that it generates a nice blast of air that I can direct towards my torso, neck, or helmet area. Even on a hot day, the airflow is enjoyable as I can feel the breeze through my mesh jacket. I really don't notice any additional noise with the vent in any position, whether open, closed or partially open. I equate the flow from the vent to that of a typical car's a/c vent.

I do hear a little whistle noise at speeds above 60. I don't know if this was always there or not as the OEM screen was so noisy it would drown this out. It sound like a rear car window is slightly open. I don't mind it much as it is a small price to pay for the greatly reduced wind noise and turbulence.

The tint is a slight tint that I find is just a shade darker then the OEM and I much prefer this to clear. All I can say is that I can’t be more pleased with this windscreen.
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