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Warning: Results may vary depending on rider. Helmet can also make a significant difference in wind noise.


I recently purchased a Clearview Screen from one of the board's members. It came in a few days ago and I have ridden the bike a number of times since then. Before that I had a GIVI Screen.

The size I have is XL. I am 5'9", with 30" inseam. I use an Arai Rx7/4 and Arai Quantum Helmet (these helmets are both noisy as hell).


I really liked the GIVI screen as it reduced the windnoise tremendously, and was an overall great product.

I did not like the curvature of the wind deflectors for the hands - I just didn't find it visually appealing. This is the ONLY reason why I wanted to switch to another screen. If it weren't for that, I would have kept it.

When I received the Clearview Screen, I noticed it is a tad bit thicker than the GIVI. Installation was easy too. The screen fits just right.

I really like the "shape" of this screen, and I was very pleased that it changed the look of the bike to the way I wanted it. The HEIGHT of the Clearview XL Screen is about the same with the GIVI screen - almost the same. I look through the screen, but if I really straighten my back, I can just look over it.

Some say you should be looking OVER the screen. But I'm fine with looking THROUGH the screen, as I prefer less (much less) wind noise.

On the first ride, I immediately noticed some visual distortion looking through the screen. I DID NOT have any noticable distortion with the GIVI screen. With this Clearview, the distortion is not that bad, but is noticable, and I was a bit disappointed by that.

Moving on: at higher speeds, I find that the Clearview makes my ride a bit more quiet than the GIVI. Not much though. But I'm pleased about that. The Screen is also very stiff against all the wind. Very good.

End result: the Clearview satisfies both my 'aesthetic' (looks) and wind-noise reduction expectations. However, I wish there wasn't much visual distortion. I don't mind looking through the screen, but it looks like it's something I can get used to (I hope), in exchange for a more desirable "look."

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