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Hello there guys,

I want to start a discussion on the evolution of the AN400. The 650 has only been on the market for a year but the 400 was first released in 1999 so that makes it 5 years in the making. I know very little about the earlier versions of the 400 and since it was first released (I think) in Italy where rumour has it that more Burgmans were sold than any other two wheeled vehicle in the country when it was released.

From my readings (Twist n Go) there has been at least four model number changes (Y, X, K2,K3 and now K4). My questions what have been the improvements. Suzuki made the Burgman 400 available in North America for the first time in the US (not Canada until this year) so I would hope to have some comments from our European riders or well informed Burgman owners.

As far as my understanding there have been these improvements:

1) Larger capacity luggage (55 liters since the K3)
2) Improved front storage compartments
3) Oil change indicator
4) Improved windshield (starting from the K3)
5) Fuel injection as of the K3 (better gas mileage...this is a big one!)
6) Stainless steel muffler (I'm not total sure about this but from the problems I've been reading about with older Burgman's breaking their mufflers I would think thats why they are all constructed out of stainless steel)
7) Rear wheel splines have been made larger (cures earlier problems with stripped rear wheel assemblies)
8) Changed the design of the wheels

Any others?? I invite comments from all.

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