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Can you manage to get this sort of thing on?

(I searched Amazon for Schrader valve extension, which results in a lot of similar products. I prefer the screw-on kind, vs. the clip-on kind; the latter takes more room, and is not as reliable, IMO.)

If so, you can check and add air that way. When I had a couple of baggers -- particularly my Victory Cross Country Tour, with its massive hard saddlebags -- I kept a 10" version of that sort of device in one saddlebag, expressly for checking the rear tire (because the saddlebag in the way made getting anything but a hand in there very difficult).

If you can't even get an extension like that on, I would have the tire remounted, with a proper sideways valve, or you're SOL. See this thread:

Yes, the valve stem extensions are invaluable, couldn't check rear tire on my Helix w/o one...
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