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Charleston SC, Bike week is April 8-17, 2005

If anyone is interested in getting a ride together let me know.

It should be nice in April.

I am looking for a campground if anyone knows of a good one.


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Heritage Rally (CHarleston Bike Week)

I live in Charleston. On the supposition that this year will be like last year, it'll be mostly HD and other VTwins. A lot of them must be unreliable, because a LOT of 'em come in on trailers. Now, I can under stand plate from oh, say, Wisconsin, on a trailer. Lord knows when the snow goes away there, but trailer plates from NC? GA? FL?

Any way, the "Heritage Week" is in it's third or fourth year. Held in a fair grounds (lots and lots of parking) and is getting bigger each year.

The fair ground is well north of Charleston, proper, in a suberb called Ladsen.

There has been little problem with undue harrassment or unjust legal enforcement the last two years.... Except that the city of Charleston gets really crappy about loud pipes and parking. If you have friends who do the big twin thing, tell 'em that loud pipes in downtown Charleston WILL help support the local economy.

Outside of the city proper, in the surrounding area, there's little problem that the smart M/C rider will encounter. Understand, though, that the little towns around that are on good riding roads, and there are a lot of good rides in the area, make a good part of their city budget from "law enforcement".

Just as a note, the rally got it's impetus from the Myrtle Beach rallly held a little later, I believe, because the local law up there was really getting intensley stringent.

If anyone has any questions, specifically, be glad to do the research and help out. Please don't hesitate.

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Re: Heritage Rally (CHarleston Bike Week)

mick6502003 said:
Any way, the "Heritage Week" is in it's third or fourth year.
I just found out about it. I just live 2 & 1/2 hours away. I was flicking
channels last Tuesday and saw a TV commercial on the Speedchannel
(2 wheeled Tuesdays.) We are going up probably 2-3 different days. I
hope it brings money into Charleston, and I hope they keep it up. I'll
try to throw a little money in your local economy. :)

Looks like the Burgman will have to stay here though. My wife won't
2-up without a passenger backrest installed. Maybe in 2006 we can
show off the Burgman!
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