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Am I nuts?

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Caveat Emptor...or Diary of a Mad (Crazy) Housewife!

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The "project" '03 AN650 I purchased off eBay on January 6th finally arrived yesterday, Saturday, February 26th. I bought it knowing it was wrecked and needed a bit of plastic, some tender loving care and a good cleaning...or so I thought.

After pouring over the photos, several phone calls to the seller, lots of research on parts availability and much discussion with my husband I bid and won my new Burgman.

Well, it is a GOOD thing I was expecting the worst! I was not disappointed. Ok, yes I was but I got over it quickly since I know it will be operational soon. The bike was in far worse shape cosmetically than I originally thought. The picture angles hid a ton of damage or maybe my eyes were seeing what my heart wanted them too. :roll:

I started tearing down the bike today and am only able to salvage one piece of totally intact plastic on the body! Able to save a few things like the windscreen (need new bracket and cover but the actual screen is in one piece...may just put a GIVI on and be done with it, one headlight, the handlebar covers and one of the storage boxes...but that is about it. Fortunately the guts of the bike, frame, forks, radiator and everything else seem to be in excellent condition. Once I complete the teardown I am going to bring it to my local shop to give it the once over just to be sure before I start putting it back together.

The quality of the manufacturing has really impressed me. As bad as it looks I thought for sure I'd be parting it out. This is a solidly built bike!

I have started a journal and will be keeping a visual record as well for anyone else that might be nuts enough to follow in my footsteps...hurray for James_Eric doing it first!

And in case any of you guys are wondering...I only had to ask hubby for help twice...and only cause I needed an extra set of hands.
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Isn't there a picture around here somewhere of a 'Mad Max' type Burgman 650. What a cool project that would be! 8)


Are you thinking of the monster in this thread?
That's the one! :shock:

That pic scared me too :(
I voted "No" - not nuts. I admire your ambition for tackling the job and I am sure that you will end up an expert on the machine (and a valuable information resource for other owners). I wish you success with the project.
I voted What the HECK were you thinking?! - but you know what I really think.

100% admiration and respect - go for it scubagirl - you have all the moral support you could wish for from this forum.

We all look forward to the diary and pics.

Respect! :thumbup:
I am sure you will know more about your burgman than what I know about mine by the time you are done.

If you check out Ebay there are a few new pieces for the 650 on there. Not sure what all you will be needing.

Good luck and keep us updated.
NA you're not nuts. I hope the machine is as sound mechanically as you say. I'm glad to hear that it's only cosmetic damage. Don't forget to call around to bike salvage yards in your area to see if they have the panels that you need. I suggest you gather whatever panels you need at the bargain prices regardless of colour. Then you can get them painted you own custom colour and assemble. Don't forget to check ebay as well...........I'm sure you already have.

Best of luck!
Repair of 650

Don't forget to ask any questions that you have some one will have an answer or sugestion to help you along. It may not be what you want to know or pertain to your inquiry but someone will have some comment knowing this bunch :wink:
I didn't vote because I could not push all three buttons !
But I bet you end up with one good looking bike that's bullet proof. -don't forget, lot of pictures -
I would wish you luck,except I think you know what your doing. :)
I think it's cool that you're doing what you are.
Best of luck and keep us informed.
I voted no.
welll maybe there should be a maybe choice huh? :p
Know what I'm doing? Nah!

First of all let me say...I would have NEVER attempted this without my BurgmanUSA friends! Thanks to all of you for past info and the future advice.

Do I know what I am doing? No, absolutely not. I have never done any restoration, tear downs ect. in my life. But I do like puzzles, hubby bought me an old world map with 13,400 pieces for XMAS but that is another story...

I was scared to death and truly heartbroken when I saw it wobble off the truck. We wheeled it into the garage (not an easy task when both tires are flat) and I left it sit overnight without a backward glance. I had a good nights rest and things didn't seem quite so bad in the morning (figuratively speaking)...the scoot looked worse actually. :D

I took a bunch of pictures and then dug in. There was some karma thing going on...once I had the screw driver in hand I felt like a highly trained surgeon. I was at one with the machine.

In about 4 hours I had almost all the plastic off, removed the windscreen, light assembly, entire dash and handlebar covers. It probably would have gone faster but being the A type personality I am :roll: I had to stop and document each step. All the nuts, bolts and fasteners are separated into zip locks with the name of the part they were removed them I catalogued the plastic so I could look the part numbers up on the microfiche. At least the pieces that had enough intact to find a part number. I thought it might come in handy when I try to put her back together! :D

This is the poster bike for body armor...I found a 4" chunk of the front rim sitting on top of the radiator and the gas door was under the dash between the handlebars!

Just this week we had an established Suzuki / Yamaha repair shop move in next door to my office. I went over and introduced myself to the owner today. I'm pretty sure we'll be on a first name basis before long.

Sorry the pics aren't posted to the gallery yet. I have a dual boot on my computer and XP decided to take a dirt nap. Win98 doesn't have any photo editing software installed and I've been a bit too preoccupied to fix the XP partition! I just sent the pics to myself at work so I'll try to get them posted tomorrow.

Again, thank you all. Without BurgmanUSA I would have not have had the courage to attempt something like this. Something tells me when all is said and done I'll be downing a few in the "Tavern".
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I am dumbstruck. :shock:
Uh, don't tell your DH but...
I think I'm in love! :lol:

Wow. Holy crap. Whatta great post! No "sorry's" needed!

You GO grrrl!

Great organization! I did that same thing with my first small block chevy rebuild.

Type C here! Living vicariously through my Type A friends!

Here - :eek:ccasion5: have a cold one.

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:oops: I'm blushing! :oops:

I'm down in Longwood, about 10 miles North of Orlando. I hope we get to ride together once the Burg is mobile. You sure have some pretty country up where you are...but a bit too cold for my taste! :D
I voted No, you're not nuts, but that is with the advantage of perfect hindsight. I admit that when you first posted that you had purchased that scooter I thought you were biting off more than you would want to chew, but now I see I was wrong. I think it's great what you are doing and, even more, your enthusiasm for it. You must give yourself alot of credit for that. Also, your husband - what a supportive guy he must be.

Keep the updates coming. The more, the better.

Sounds as though you are taking exactly the right route.

Just a thought - it may be worth salvaging what panels you can even if means fibreglass/epoxy filler repair - then when you see what you really have - you could go for a two tone bike. For example all upper panels blue and lower ones silver. You would have to run the numbers but if they were lower panels you could spray them yourself and save $$$$.
I like Norm's idea for the reasons he stated plus: You may have more fun pounding around on a scooter that is not pristine. Won't be concerned with scratches and such, and more inclined to squish it into places you normally would not. I treat mine that way and I highly recommend it for the fun factor.
It appears to me that close to half the people who voted so far have no sense of adventure. If I had the space, the time and a wrecked scoot I'd give it a go as well. Sweat equity always contains a higher satisfaction content in my books. :thumbright:
Salvaging parts.

Thanks for the suggestions HOWEVER:

When I said I could only salvage one piece of intact plastic I meant it! :( (right side rear panel with pilon handle)

I am "keeping" two pieces with road rash at least temporarily...the lower left body panel under the footboard (cracked but epoxy works wonders!) and the left side rear panel with pilon handle. Everything else is so badly damaged or missing entirely that it is unusable.

I am bidding on a few items on eBay...will also be lurking around the salvage yards too...

Updates will be posted soon!
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