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Cat O'ring & Kuryakyn Iso Grips

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Can the two be used together? I know most people say they put the O'ring between the grip and the bar end weight... but I don't have the bar end weight anymore. Will it go on the inside of the grip and be effective there? How is everyone doing it that have the ISO grips. Thanks!!!

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Derrill said:
The O ring goes in the other end of the grip, betwen the grip and the space against the break res.
I use mine between the end weight and the throttle grip.
I've been using a Cat 'O' Ring for probably 20 years and riding without one seems very foreign to me.
I just leave mine on all the time rolling on AND off the throttle, I find dampens the engine braking and I feel it lends more control overall.

BTW, I have a "Breakaway" which I would just about "Giveaway" at $200 I think it sucks (sorry Breakaway fans). I'll take a 50¢ Cat 'O" Ring any day!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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