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the other morning on the 650 on my way to work i was at a light in the front with one of those old mustang 5.0's from the late 80's next to me on the right. the light turns green and i happen to be in one of those moods where i dont feel like snailing along so i put the burg in power mode and i roll on the throttle....not floored though like about 2/3 of the way. unexpectedly i hear the mustang on my right punching i laugh and i look at him staying in my rear view mirror as i hear him working and grinding gears trying to catch me. the posted speed was 45 and not wanting to risk a ticket i leveled off at an indicated 60 (about 54 actual), the mustang flies by me and keeps going so i laugh. heres the funny part, im just cruising at 60 indicated still and like 2 seconds after the mustang flies by me i see a subaru WRX turbo fly by me as well as he was racing the mustang...i see him trying to catch the mustang. so here i am just trying to go to work and i have 2 cars that are trying to out do my "scooter" and they both got beat badly when i wasnt even trying :lol: i could have really emarrased them if i kept going especially the turbo car :p
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