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Car License to Operate

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My wife & I just bought a 650 Burgman last month. Our dealer, 4th bike purchased from them, told us my wife didn't need a motorcycle license. The dealer said in South Carolina it is insured as a scooter, and your regular automoble driver license was fine. What about your state?
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In Nevada, A scooter and moped are classified as the same. Only a licence and no helmet required as long as it doesnt exceed 50 cc and 25mph. At 51 cc and larger if it has 2 wheels it is a motorcycle. I believe most states go by cc and not whether ot not the seat is designed like a scooter.
Arizona also utilizes the cc rules. Anything over 100cc requires a motorcycle license. Helmet law is any one under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet. Over 18 if you are dumb enough, you do not have to wear one.
In Arkansas scooters of any size are treated as motorcycles. Must have operators license with motorcycle endorsement. No helmet law.
USA State Helmet Laws and Licensing

Don't GUESS about this stuff. Check each state's laws. Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or Motor Vehicle Department ... what ever your state calls it, has THE definitive answers:

USA State Motorcycle Helmet Laws (July 2003): ... et_use.htm

USA State Motorcycle / Scooter Licensing: ... erator.htm

Note: The above web site gives good advice and data on motorcycle safety.

Avoiding the mistakes of others is WISDOM.

Ignoring history is FOLLY.
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The S.C. DMV site says you need a Class M motorcycle license.

DMV regs

In Florida, it's the 50cc rule, but there is a permit that can be obtained simply by taking a written test. It is good for up to 18 months, giving a rider time to prepare for the road test. On a permit, you cannot take passengers. Florida no longer has a helmet law if you are over 18, but if you cross the line into Georga without a helmet, you can be ticketed.
Washington state

In Washington, you must have a motorcycle endorsement for anything you ride over 50cc. And there is a helmet law.
The dealer has had to send out a letter to all who have purchased a "scooter." My wife does have to get a motorcycle license. See just got her permit the other day. In 6 months, she can take the physical test. That means that for the next 6 months, she can't operate the Burgman between 12 midnight and 6 in the morning.

She missed some questions on the written. I can totally understand, I mean with such big differences between a motorcycle & a megascooter.
1) How many inches above the seat can you have your handlebars, 12", 15" or 18"? Well, let's see. Our Harley neighbor 10 houses down has his "monkey" bars as high as he can reach, so she picked the highest. EERRRNNNN. wrong, 15". So why can my neighbor & other drive that way?
2) When starting the motorcycle, one must a)hold in on the clutch, b) holding on the brake, or c) can't remember. Well, the answer in clutch. Gee, funny, my wife HAS TO, no way around it, hold in on the brake. Oh, but that was the wrong answer.

Anyway, I am proud of her. She has her permit. She is my biker babe. Many a year ago, I got my motorcycle license on a HondaMatic 400. No clutch, and only 2 gears switched with just your left foot. I really confused the DMV at the part where you pull up onto a hill, pull in the clutch (didn't have), then take off without rolling backwards. Since then, I have owned 1 440cc, 2 1500cc, and now an 1800cc bike.
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Got my motorcycle endorsement well over thirty years ago. The law had just gone into effect & the guy from the DMV didn't have a clue what to test me for. He just told me to drive around the parking lot & signed me off.
I did learn from the written test why it is a bad idea to ride in the middle of a lane. I had never given any thought or notice to the black streak down the middle of each lane.
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