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allwalk said:
Well today after filling up for gas and paying I return to my bike and find what appeared to be an older gentleman parked in his truck staring at my Burgman. As I approached he started asking questions. Said he had read all the reviews on the machine but had never seen one up close. He preceeded to tell me that he used to ride a vtx1800 and a CBR929. He then mentioned to me that he was no longer able to ride these bikes as he has terminal cancer and the Chemo has left him weak( he wasnt that old maybe 50 but the chemo had aged him poorly)
I could see the glimmer in his eyes with the possibility of riding again. He asked to sit on my bike and of course I obliged. He liked the way it fit and felt and asked every possible question he could think of . I informed him that it also came in a 400 which is about 100lbs lighter. It would probably be more suitable to him at this time if he were thinking on trying it.
I told him about the forum here and I hope he checks us out. It was good to see the spark that the Burgman created in this mans eyes. It gave him hope and it seemed to give him life. I rode away wishing that I had offered to take him for a ride. He was driving a big old Chevy truck. Like my signature says.
4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul

Good luck my cancer friend , ride safe.
That "glimmer" is right. With the wife on her 14th surgery this year for life threatening Melanoma, me on my 5th surgery (just yesterday), the last one MAJOR stomach surgery in Feb., WE have that "glimmer" as well. And with my health making me unable to ride and enjoy my "real" motorcycles (just sold my 1500LC), this 650 Burgman is a Godsend. NOTHING less. With the confusion of medication, old age (55 year old for me), and all the rest, this point & shoot scooter along with our 2 new Honda 50CC Metropoitans are just what the doctor ordered.
Sometimes, in a world that's closing in around you, with terrorism and war, it MY ONLY peace in my world, to just jump on a scooter and ride around the neighborhood, or to the beach and back, ANYWHERE. And the other day it hit me. It's not just a fun toy because I'm OLD now. It's how I started on a Cushman in the 50's for Gods sake! It's where my 2 wheeled fun BEGAN. Maybe I'm not so OLD and sick after all..... :idea: Mike
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