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California registration from out of state - what you need

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Im sure others have posted this before but thought I would repost my experience from today.

You will need
1. Title doc
2. Latest registration doc from out of state
3. Money ( no credit cards)
4. Completed form from DMV website or office, online form is much nicer for readability.

In addition you will need to get the bike "inspected" , don't need a seperate appointment.

Inspection they are looking for 4 things
1. Mileage - over 7500 is considered used and affects the EPA sticker requirement , over 7500 can be 49 state, less than must be 50 state ( EPA statement will include ca in the description)
2. EPA sticker on 400 k8 it's on the cross member in front of under seat compartment
3. Frame VIN number - on right frame under engine cover. Make sure you clean it, note the one on the plastic (left knee) was not good enough
4. Engine number - on top of cvt cover, is best viewed from top when the engine cover is removed. Again make sure it's clean so they can read the numbers, also have a torch/ flashlight just in case as its a little dark down there
( note - my DMV guy used his cell phone to take a picture rather than peer through engine space, that was ok)

So in prep I used WD 40 to clean all the numbers and removed the engine cover and disconnected the seat damper so I could open the seat fully. I also removed the old plates so I could give them in

All done in 20 mins

I hope this helps someone.
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Only thing I can add to this great post is that some DMV offices take debit cards.
If it's a car or truck you will also need a smog even if it's brand new 50 state legal. I know I needed to smog a 50 state legal Ford F350 diesel I bought new in Boise Id. They will also charge you the sales tax, like you bought it in your own county or the difference of what you paid to the other state.

Great into Jeff
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