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C50 code

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As you know I was having charging issues with the big burger.i fixed this buy tracing it to the rectifier and have just brought a electro sport one then all fixed or so I thought.? My first concern is that the battery is now charging at 14.4 volts right of idle but doesn't go any more than 14.5 even at 8000 rpm IS this ok and should I be the baterry is not my next concern is the code c50 comes up now and then should I be worried about this code as the bike rides fine with this showing .any help on these two concerns would put my mind at rest brilliant site by the way
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My 2002 build K3 has been throwing C50 intermittently for 5 years. I have now learnt to ignore it, there has been no impact from the C50 code on the way the bike runs, in any shape or form.

The code doesn't apply to K5s and above, as the CVT controller and ECU are a single unit.
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