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I bought my 2004 black burgman last thursday at the ASK dealer
located on the far East side. They had a blue 2003 that I almost bought
that day. I stoped back by Saturday to say hello to the salesmen and
the service guys in the to know them well...had been in the store looking at the Burg's for about a month prior to that.
The first thing they told me was the 2003 blue 650 sold the next day.
The word seems to be getting out.

I told the manager and the service men to tell anyone looking at the
burgman's to give them the sit.
I must of had 10 people ask me at red lights what kind of bike this was.

This is a funny one....this helix owner a few houses down from me who
had previously tried to sell me his helix with 150k was sitting out front
yesterday when I drove by...I glanced over and his chair went flying
has he jumped up to see what I was riding. I'll stop by later and show him.

Everyone asks me how I like it and smiling...I tell them my 1100 vstar
was enjoyable....This bike is just plain FUN to ride...just sit back, strech
your feet out and crack the throttle.
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