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Wow this subject hits home for me as well. The only difference was that last year I was considering the V-strom 1000. The initial price of the V-strom and the Burg were very close, so that was a non factor. However I do use my Burger for commuting to work approx. 100 kms a day. About 45 kms one way. What I took into consideration was my riding position, immediately available storage, ( luggage is extra for the V-strom) and of course insurance costs which are getting out of hand here in Canada.
Also noted was how much better the Stock Burgman shields me from the elements should I get stuck in bad weather . After doing lots of research I came to the conclusion that the Burgman was more mechanically sound than the V-strom. I had read numerous complaints about the transmission on the Strom.
Oh I must also add that when I was looking for a new bike , my goal was to find a mid range mini-Goldwing. I wanted my passenger to be as comfortable as possible (so she would ride with me more :D ) I didn't think the Strom delivered on this last and important to me feature.

The bottom line is this. Try and do as much research about both bikes. Admittedly it's going to be hard in regards to the V-strom as it is new this year. Only you know what features are important to you and what your daily usage of the machine will require. Make a list and then go hunting for the machine that fits as many of the requirements as possible. Who knows it may not be either Burg or Strom but something else as Covert has suggested.
Good Luck in your pursuit and keep us posted on your final decision :D
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