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Burgman vs Vstrom 650

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I love both of these bikes. I have ridden a Burgman 650 and thought it was the bike for me but after looking into maintenance cost I am concerned that it will cost much more to maintenance a Burgman 650 than vstrom 650. Everything is covered up on the Burgman and all the fluids need to be checked or replaced at 600 miles and every 3500 miles thereafter. What do you think about these costs? The Vstrom 650 looks like another great commuter bike and should cost less to maintain.
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Wow this subject hits home for me as well. The only difference was that last year I was considering the V-strom 1000. The initial price of the V-strom and the Burg were very close, so that was a non factor. However I do use my Burger for commuting to work approx. 100 kms a day. About 45 kms one way. What I took into consideration was my riding position, immediately available storage, ( luggage is extra for the V-strom) and of course insurance costs which are getting out of hand here in Canada.
Also noted was how much better the Stock Burgman shields me from the elements should I get stuck in bad weather . After doing lots of research I came to the conclusion that the Burgman was more mechanically sound than the V-strom. I had read numerous complaints about the transmission on the Strom.
Oh I must also add that when I was looking for a new bike , my goal was to find a mid range mini-Goldwing. I wanted my passenger to be as comfortable as possible (so she would ride with me more :D ) I didn't think the Strom delivered on this last and important to me feature.

The bottom line is this. Try and do as much research about both bikes. Admittedly it's going to be hard in regards to the V-strom as it is new this year. Only you know what features are important to you and what your daily usage of the machine will require. Make a list and then go hunting for the machine that fits as many of the requirements as possible. Who knows it may not be either Burg or Strom but something else as Covert has suggested.
Good Luck in your pursuit and keep us posted on your final decision :D
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I personally do not consider the VStrom and Burgman to be in the same class. The VStrom 650 is a good all around mc. it is basically a better faired SV650. It is a motorcycle, pure and simple.

The Burgman is unique in that it is a wonderful (I sound bias) sport commuter, mini touring bike and fun all arounder. I would consider the VStrom over my Bandit but not the Burgman. I personally don't like the feel of a v twin. The Bandit is an inline four. Both do vibrate. The Burgman has zero vibration. Also, the Burgman has the auto and built in storage. The VStrom needs add on luggage.

I like the VStrom 650 but wouldn't consider it over the Burgman.

Burgman vs V-Strom

I own '03 Burgman 650 and a '03 V-Strom 1000. I have close to 4,800 miles on the V-Strom and about 3,700 miles on the Burgman. Maintenance costs seem to be very close. You do not need to change the Burgman's clutch oil & rear end oil at each engine oil change - see the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual. Valve adjustments will be nasty on both machines.

The V-strom twin is also very smooth - don't think cruiser v-twin when you consider the V-stroms - the 90 degree v-twin has perfect primary balance and does not shake at all. It is a very smooth engine at all rpms.

There have been NO transmission problems with the V-Strom. The early clutch baskets caused a bit of a shudder at about 3500 rpm on some machines. This has since been corrected - it is an annoyance just like the dieseling noise at idle with the Burgman 650. Both annoyances can be fixed if you can get Suzuki USA to step up to the plate, which is sometimes difficult. My V-Strom doesn't have the 'chudder', but my Burgman does have the dieseling noise.

I have a Givi trunk on the scooter and the factory luggage and trunk on the V-Strom. I also have tank bags for both. Total touring capacity is pretty close - but I prefer to ride the V-Strom without the side bags, which makes the scooter my choice for errand running.

The V-Strom 1000 gets within 5 mpg of the scooter - the V-strom 650 will probably get better mileage than the Burgman 650.

Insurance costs are higher for the V-Strom 1000 - the V-strom 650 will probably fall in between the 1000 and the Burgman 650 for insurance.

The V-Strom 1000 is much more powerful than the scooter - 90hp vs 55hp. It will eat the scooter's lunch in both acceleration and top speed. It rides better due to the longer travel suspension and bigger wheels. (The 650 V-Strom should also be faster than the Burgman 650, but to a lesser degree.) But it takes more effort to ride it, and it does have a **** chain - I'd prefer not to have to deal with chain maintenance.

The V-stroms are fine motorcycles - the Burgmans are fine maxi-scooters. They are very different to ride though - both are great fun, but in a much different way. The only significant decision factor that I can think of in choosing between the two is to test ride both of them. That, and check with your insurance agent...

I may sell one of the machines eventually, but for now, I enjoy the variety.

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