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On my way to work in the AM I caught up to a Harley Dude on his white steed. So being the brazen one that I am I pulled right up next to him at the next stop light. He actually acknowledged me and wanted to know what I was riding. I told him and he couldn't stop complimenting my "Silver Queen". :) I felt proud!

Then on my way home I saw for the first time another Burgman way on the opposite side of the road. He saw me first and started waving. I almost fell off my scoot looking at him, as it was the first time I saw a Burgman on the road. I think his was a 650 silver and he wore a silver helmet and black jacket. I thought he really looked cool. And then I thought, but then so must I 8)

I got a chance to finally see my Givi E450 case. It looks really nice. I can't wait until it's put on my 400. The reflector light really compliments the tail light of the 400.

I've now got 1450 miles on the scoot and am still lovin it. Unfortunately it's going to rain tomorrow so I won't get a chance to ride :cry:

I hope everyone has a great week end!

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