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Sorry you weekend was ruined! Bummer. At least you had a nice ride on your Burgman.

Ford dealers are notorious for bad service. Make sure they fix it for you! If that dealer gives you trouble go to corporate.

I once saw a mechanic at a Ford dealer put the radiator top bracket on backwards and then slam the hood shut. The latch was then driven through the top of the hood. Of coarse other dealers are just as bad. A friend of mine had his Dodge at the dealer for a tune up including all the spark plugs replaced. They put in the WRONG plugs, too long of plugs, and then they started the engine. Needless to say they punched holes into all 8 cylinders! My friend got a brand new engine put in!

Private mechanics tend to take better care of the cars they are servicing because it is their butt on the line if things go wrong.
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