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My wife and I had our truck camper pulling the Burgman in an enclosed trailer. We had reservations at Gulf State Park for Memorial Day weekend. Two weeks ago I had a local Ford dealership service my truck and they said the torque converter needed replacing along with a pump thingy. Including 4 new shocks, we were out over $3.5K.

So we got 376 miles and my truck lost all of its oil. Four gallons of oil sprayed out all over the bottom of the truck, the back of the truck camper and all over the front of the trailer. Needless to say, our weekend was over. After getting the camper off the truck and everything situtated, including giving away a lot of food, we got on our trusty Burgman and rode back home. There was no use trying to find a motel on the beach at that late point.

Sure glad we had the Burgman with us and that, with the Givi trunk, we had a lot of storage room to carry some of our stuff back home.

Ride safe, Del
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