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This is a duplicate post from the Yahoo group, in case some of you guys don't follow both/ all:

In case there's anyone out there debating between a Burg or Silverwing, as I have paifully been doing for 3+ months), I just stopped by my local shop (Clearwater, FL- WestCoast Powersports, no longer affiliated with the other/previous Powersports dealer group) and got to compare all 3 side by side Burg 400 & 650 and Swing) Hands down the Burg outstyles the Swing and is much more solid feeling than the Swing as far as plastics and fit/function goes. The Burg also way outstyles the Silverwing. I know this is purely personal, but what a difference. This is actually the first time I've had to check it out and the weight of the 650 isn't bad at all. I was fearing Strongest Man type stuff, but really not too different than the Swing. All told it will be the 650 I look to purchase. The Swing was plain outclassed by the Burg and the 400 was just a touch to "small" feeling. Of course, all this is based on playing with no test drive available, so take my words as you will. But dollar for dollar, the Burgman 650 is just too good to pass up. I hope to see you guys in the Tampa Bay area very soon. I just need to get a good deal worked out with them.

Hey Roy, just FYI, the 400 have started to roll in. I know you been waiting FOREVER for yours. Soon my friend. Soon...

Happy New Year and sorry for the lenghty message... too much excitement to contain all by myself.
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No need to contain the excitment . All of us Burgman owners have been there. It's just a natural progression towards ownership. Good thing they didn't let you test ride it or you would have given them the $ they wanted right then and there. :lol:
:eek: It still ticks me off when some of my "cycle" friends say this is just a "Scooter" !!!! None of them will meet me at a stoplight to prove it"may be more". Love this machine !!
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