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Burgman Riders in Ontario, Canada

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I know I'm not the lone rider in Ontario. I was just wondering how many we numbered and where we were all located. Would be nice to organize a ride next spring. Maybe we could go on one of those Ride for Kids, or Sight rides as a Burgman group. Looking forward to hearing from possibly new riding partners.
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Same goes here, although I know we are not alone up here. Maybe well be up that way next summer touring. One thing about winter, it does give us time to find other riders.
Burgman riders Canada

Sounds like fun
from Hamilton
Hi Rod and welcome to the board. A get together ride would be great next spring. I could ride down to Hamilton and then maybe from there we could head down to Niagra or something. You know of any good riding roads down your way?
Niagara Spring Ride

Lots of great roads in Niagara. A spring ride would be fun
Better late than never... I'd love to join you all. I myself live in the Niagara region. I plan to have a Burgman end of April if all works out well, but you'll probably have your tour after that (plus why would you want a newbie with an M1 to tag along, I wouldn't even be able to ride in the dark :( ).
I don't mind if you come along.I think the rides are better organized in daylight anyways. Plus it's no fun on the major highways so avoiding them is no major biggie in my books.
Great. :) There are some nice non-highway routes to places like Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Like I said, I hope to get my Burgman 1 or 2 weeks before April's end.
Algonquin Provincial Park on the Burgie

Algonquin Provincial Park on the Burgie ?

Oh yeah !
You're invited up for that trip abm. We can make it an over nighter :D
If you're up Algonquin way, stay at the Hay Lake Lodge in Whitney, just east of the park boundary. And tell 'em that Chris and Mike Lucey from Tannersville, New York, sent ya!
Tell them you sent us.........heck why don't you join us and you can tell them yourself :D
We've already booked spend a week at Hay Lake in early September, right after we finish a 5-day canoe camping trip in Algonquin.

Believe me, we want to bring our Burgers, but there's no way we can carry all the stuff we'll need. (The underseat storage compartments aren't all THAT big!) So it's gonna be the Subaru wagon for this trip. Dull, but functional.

Seriously, I highly recommend Hay Lake Lodge. Been going there for years. Terrific location, immaculate cabins, the owners are wonderful, and the food is great. Each morning, someone brings breakfast to your cabin door on a tray ... oh yeah, and no phones or TV! :D

(If you should go on 2 wheels, beware: About 3/4 of a mile down McRae-Hay Lake Road, the surface turns to gravel.)
Riders in Ontario

Hi from London:
I just got a blue an650 and look forward to the end of the snow so I can start riding it. There are lots of great riding roads on the shores of Lake Erie all ther way from the Niagara out past Point Pelee. I'd be glad to accompany anyone who wants to ride out this way. We usually ride down to the lae at Port Stanley and have some Mackey's fries and orange ade and watch the scenery on the beach. There are many worse ways to spend an afternoon.
Hi Harold and welcome to the board. Sounds like a good days ride to me. We'll have to plan something as soon as the weather permits.
I was out riding in Niagara area last week and stopped off at a little restaurant for lunch on 20 Hwy between Smithville and Clare's Cycle about 1km past the stop sign/left turn. It had a sign out front HOMEMADE hamburgers. The BURGER caught my attention, so we stopped inside to try it. MAN! was the biggest hamburger I ever had. A full platter heaping with fries, big scoop of coleslaw and this thick giant whopper of a burger...all for $6.99 ( that's about 50 cents for the US readers). We stopped off at Tim Hortons in Smithville for coffee (and Maple dip doughnut of course). Turns out its a local stop for all the cruisers in the area...friendly group...lots of interest in the Burgman.

I'm in Ottawa and have a Blue 650 2004 model.

This last weekend did the 1000km service. Have not ridden for many years except on my son-in-laws Vstar, and am greatly enjoying the Burgman, both local tours, there are a number of great roads around eastern Ontario and across in Quebec; and commuting to downtown at 20km each way.

Just wish it was warmer and not so rainy right now.

new Burgman and interested in tours

Hello from Brampton. Just picked up the Burgman recently and am interested in meeting for some gathering if we can arrange a small group.
Hi Gene
If there's a breakfast being served, I'll be there.
As a matter of fact, my buddy and I are riding to Toronto Thurs morning to sample Sizzling Jaks 1599 The Queensway. I was told its the best breakfast being served in the Toronto area (free parking) and open 24/7. If its good, maybe we could all meet there in the future?
Hey Rod wheres this place! I'm working midnights and get off at 7:00 am so maybe I could meet the two of you. :D Anice breafast before bedtime.
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