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burgman2020 said:
Anyways, I left the Burgman overnight on the off ramp and had it towed back to the dealership the next morning.

Ironically, the Sunday message at church that morning was JOY!!! We should all be joyful Christians, no matter what the circumstances :D
Either you got the lemon of all lemons, or the service department at your stealership is truly incompetent (you've already hinted to this effect!)

Since it was such a major repair, did they give you a guarantee for a period of time???

Scary - is anyone else having this problem??? I really want one of these scoots, but if dealerships can't fix them...well... :x

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Crusader said:
I really want one of these scoots, but if dealerships can't fix them...well... :x
Reading the forums, there's example after example of how reliable the Burgman is. Would I buy another Burgman? YES; however, next time I'll spend the extra $545 on an extended 6 year warranty. Remember, I rode 30,000 miles HARD, wide open throttle miles before this problem occurred. I haven't heard from the service manager yet and I'm not going to call and harass him; I'm going to be calm and joyful and hopefully things will fall into place - eventually they fix her right.

Please don't let my experience deter you from getting a Burgman. I believe the best part of owning a Burgman is the ease of maintenance. You can easily:
1. change the oil
2. change the transmission oil
3. change the final gear oil
4. access the oil filter
5. change the air filter
6. clean the CVT filter
7. remove the front tire (saves $$$ on tire change)
8. change the front brake pads
9. remove the rear tire (saves $$$ on tire change)
10. change the rear brake pads

Plus, there's many aftermarket parts:
a. cruise control
b. Corbin seat
c. Givi top box
d. etc

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Timing is everything at times. What I've found to be effective is visit your dealership at the busiest time. Usually Saturday morning around 10AM when you have a bunch of new customers looking. Go to the front desk and ask for the owner/manager. Stand in the middle of the sales floor and wait for him. When he shows, explain to him (using a strong loud voice) exactly what your experience has been with his service department. Ask him bluntly what he is going to do about it. I've had to do this twice with cars and both times, my problems were quickly resolved. Also, if the estimated life of the CVT is 90,000 and yours failed at 30,000 miles, I'd contact Suzuki and see if they could help with the repair costs. It might also be a good time to relay your experience at said dealership (if they aren't responding to your latest problems). Squeaky wheel gets the grease. No pun intended.

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My Burgman broke down a few months ago, sometime during Nov. 2007, while coming off the highway. The F1 light (turned out to be C51 code) came on and the Burgman wouldn’t shift out of ‘first gear’; from a stopped position, the RPM would only continue to rise to redline. I took the Burgman to the dealership, they told me a sensor went bad, near the CVT; it was replaced and I was back on the road several weeks later.

That morning, before the F1 light came on, I was at the gas station and before I left, I occasionally heard a strange sound, like a metallic grinding sound/ metallic squeal sound, coming from the rear-end of the scooter at idle speed. Since I never heard that sound before, it appears it was the precursor to the above sensor failing.

After getting the Burgman out of service I felt it wasn’t riding like it used to. Sure, it was accelerating and stopping like before, but the sound and feel of the Burgman was different. The feedback from the bike had changed; but I didn’t bother taking the Burgman back to the dealership; I thought it would be near impossible to explain something so abstract to the service department. Plus I really missed riding her to work everyday; the last time she was in the shop for over a month; Suzuki had to ship the part twice; the first part shipped was the wrong part.

At this point, Feb. 08 the Burgman is out of the shop and I’m riding her daily.

Weeks later another problem occasionally popped up, but I ignored it; not wanting to take my Burgman back to the repair shop. Occasionally, when the engine was cold and the Burgman was started, the rear end would shake like a Mac diesel truck. I literally thought the back end would break-off; however, a slight twist of the throttle would cure the vibrations; the vibrations also subsided as the engine warmed up.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the same gas station, heading to work, and I heard the same metallic grinding sound/ metallic squeal sound coming from the rear wheel. If I had to guess, it sounded like something was slipping in the transmission/CVT. Wouldn’t you know, on my way to work, riding on the left of a 3-lane freeway, going about 70-mph, I heard a LOUD POP, following by the F1 light coming on and an immediate loss of power. Luckily, at around 45-mph, riding on the left shoulder, the traffic cleared and I was able to swing over to a wide right-shoulder on an overpass. This time the bike wouldn’t start. Called a tow truck and she was headed back to the dealership. It just so happened that I left my cell phone home; it took forever to find a payphone; also, a collect call I made cost me over $20 - unbelievable!!!

The dealer just called me and said he did a once over on the bike, checked electrical, etc and couldn’t find a problem; then he said the engine had seized and he needs $395 deposit to start the break-down.

No, I didn’t buy the extended warranty; my warranty ended on 4/20/07. I didn’t think I actually needed it. I believe if you follow the maintenance schedule, it’s very unlikely that you're going to run into major problems; I thought the odds were on my side for at least 3-5 years. (My last scooter, a Honda Elite 50 was very reliable and I rode her everywhere in college). Oh well, that theory was blown out of the water. My Burgman has about 31K and I still owe about $5700, so I’m stuck with her.

At this time, the Burgman is at the same dealership and I just don’t believe they’ll be able to properly diagnose and fix the problem (also I wasn’t happy with the attention to detail of the work performed: the seat gas shock was bent, can’t really blame the dealership because the tow truck company also had possession of the Burgman, and the center stand switch is dangling from underneath the bike).

I want to transfer my bike to Barney’s of Brandon, Tampa, FL. I called them to see if they had experience with the Burgman; they said yes, not that I expected a different answer. I suppose all the dealers I call will state they have experience fixing the Burgman. A Suzuki representative suggested to take the bike back to the same dealership for repairs; he also said all authorized Suzuki repair shops should be able to fix a Suzuki.


The service manager said the engine has seized, but if the engine seized at 70-mph, wouldn’t the back tire also seized, causing a skid?

If I’m going to spend several hundred of dollars to have a dealer troubleshoot the problem and then spend several more hundred dollars on possible parts and labor, can I instead spend that money on tools and troubleshooting equipment to diagnose the problem myself? If so, will the mechanically inclined members of help me with the diagnostic evaluation of the Burgman and help me get the Burgman back to operational state?

Will the service manual help me troubleshoot the Burgman? Bike doesn’t start … check A, check B, check C … etc?

Will the cost of specialized tools to break-down the Burgman engine/CVT outweigh the cost of labor at the dealership? I’m already looking at $395 deposit for the dealer to start tearing down the Burgman.

What type of motorcycle lift should I get? OMEGA Lift Equipment 49154 or TD Industrial 10377 Motorcycle Lift, 800 lbs or ???

Please tell me what you think? Thanks in advance for your comments.
The more I work on my 07 and learn about it , I have concluded it is a very problematic, complicated machine. After owning and maintaining 3 different model Kawis and one Harley I am very disappointed in my Burgman400. I love the design and styling and comfort. But the ignition and fuel systems are really bad. I am retired ,82 years old and have plenty of time to work on my fact it provides hours of entertainment working on it and studying how it is supposed to work. And sir,you are wise to avoid dealer assistance. I spent $700+ at one dealer here in San Antonio and $800+ at the other dealer. I am convinced it is not the fault of the mechanics but the problem is in the design which is so complicated that no mechanic can master it unless that is all he works on and is thoroughly schooled on the Burgman and it’s electronics.
My thoughts
Wicker in San Antonio

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You know you are quoting an almost 12 year old post? None of the above posters have been on in years.
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