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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I'm interested in a Burgman, not sure which size yet. I rode a 650 around the blocks on saturday. Was just far enough to wet my whistle but not far enough to really make a firm decission. My ride now is a V-strom 1000. I'm looking for something to commute to work on 20 RT, mostly city.

Questions are:

1. Does anyone know what the maintennace costs are going to be for the two models. Valve adjust, tune-ups and tires.

2. Are there any problems getting tires for either model?

2A. Tire selection better for the 650 then the 400? I think they are both radials but the rim sizes are different.

3. Is the 400 easier to work on as far as tune-ups go vs the 650?

4. Gas mileage differences between the 400 and 650.

I liked the 650 but I'll probably only be riding it to work and around town shopping trips. Might take it to the beach which is about a 100 mile ride from Portland Oregon. Will be riding 1 up only so I'm thinking the 400 will be big enough. The insurance cost difference is $94.00 per year.

I'm also looking at a Triumph Bonni but going to the grocery store on it would not be in the cards. Plus I don't think Givi makes a rac system for it so I wouldn't be able to use my Givi bags. I'm able to ride pretty much year round so I'm not sure if I'd really like riding it in the rain and getting it all dirty.

Thanks for any info you can give me.


PS I'm 53 years old and I'm thinking I'd really like the auto trans around town a lot.

Also forgot I'll be keeping the V-strom.
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