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Burgman in the Boonies

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Some of you follow The Scooter 'Zine on Facebook and/or Instagram and may have seen a couple of these, so bear with me. My employer has sent me to the wilds of Yuma, AZ for a few months. I elected to bring my Big Burger with me. I had ridden all over AZ but never this far west, so I have really enjoyed being able to explore new areas. There is a LOT of desert here and not so many roads. The Burgman is far from being a good off-pavement bike, but, as long as I'm not in a hurry and pick my line, it does well enough. I do plan on changing the air filter as soon as I get home, though. Here are a couple of pictures from recent rides.
Sky Plant Tire Wheel Mountain

Water Tire Sky Wheel Automotive tire

Plant Mountain Plant community Vehicle Bedrock

Water Bedrock Plant Terrain Grass

Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire
Water Sky Plant Vehicle Mountain
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What a pity that Honda never brought over the X-ADV 750 scooter to the US.
I would have gone into hock just to buy one, lol.
I would have taken it off the road often as there are many roads I’ve encountered over the years that are paved to a point and then turn to dirt prompting me to turn whatever maxi scooter I had at the time around and head back the way I came.
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