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Burgman continental STS

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Its just a dream I had. They started production of a 850 or 1000cc burgman, called it the burgman continental STS for sport touring scooter. It had all the gadgets of a Goldwing a longer wheelbase say 68 inches or so. Msrp of around 15 to 18 grand. I think that's a real good idea.
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Keep dreaming..........!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha..... WHY??? And.........I think that most people would call that - a motorcycle.
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soc714 said:
If my burgman is not a motorcycle then why do I buy motorcycle plates for it every year. In Indiana you do not need a license to ride a Can Am, Piaggio MP3 or any three wheeled Machine, yet you buy motorcycle plates for them. I have bad knees so a step through motorcycle or a maxi scooter is a good choice for me. Is it really in good taste to Laugh at some one who would like a step through Goldwing?
The motor vehicle laws vary from state to state!! In Massachusetts (which is all I am familiar with!) a motorized 2 or 3 wheel vehicle over 49 cc is by state definition - a motorcycle, requiring both a motorcycle license to ride and subject to annual motor vehicle state inspections, as well!! I have to admit that a step-thru Goldwing would be very cool..... BUT my Goldwing - I still need to throw my leg over it......


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soc714 said:
Its alright I forgive you!
Thanks............MOM........!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......... :lol: :lol:
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