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Just returned from Honda Homecoming in Ohio. Many Burgman owners was showing off their scooters. Talked to a couple who was on their 650 with a sidecar but had not heard about BurgmanUSA but now they do.

Since my husband and I planned a 8 state tour on the way to Honda Homecoming and did think I had the experience yet for such a long trip my Burg sat at home. Our Gold Wing wanted to return to it's birth place.

In 2 weeks will be at Scootcade on the my Burg.

I did get to do a Demo ride on the Reflex and was very impressed with it.
The demo ride was with about 8 Gold Wings and a Rune behind me and had no problems stay up with them. Would recommend for someone that is just starting to ride.

PS Honda knows how to put on a homecoming.
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