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Yes AN400X / K3, After my third blow up I decided to keep the old girl, a 1999 X and fit a later engine as maybe it was an early design fault.

And before some smart ass says, "so what, are you bored or something?", It may be of interest to owners who do more than just clean their burgers.

Found one in Malaga for 450€, they said "complete" but ended up no rear wheel and carburetor but still no more that a new cylinder head and valves. So I was able to use the carb' etc from the X.

I had to make a few external changes from X to K3 as the water pump has an extra spigot and so does the thermostat and the K3 has a cylinder mounter temperature sensor which I left on and just used the X housing. I guess in hindsight I could have run a tube between the two as a bypass, but hey ho. One thing I didn't like was that the pipe to the pump bypasses the exhaust manifold and was burnt so I replaced the main straight part with an alloy tube and just used the ends.

All in and not leaking BUT only a single spark then nothing so checked all the usual stuff and all good so off with the right side alternator case and there it was, a different flywheel with a whole bunch of tabs instead of just the one on the X, so swapped flywheels over, (the alternative would be to change the CPU and that would mean changing the whole loom, no thanks.) and fitted the X case and coils just in case the trigger was in a different place and BINGO, sparks. All up together and it was running great.

As the engine came with no rear wheel and the X is a single center nut and the K3 has 3 bolts I had a choice, either strip both gear boxes and swap axles over OR get a K3 wheel and a new tyre, (sorry yanks, tire).
So off to the internet and 85€ later a new tyre and an used wheel, but it tuned out to be bucked and wobbled so another 40€ and another wheel and all good now.

Now done about 1K and running great, 4.2L /100KM (67MPG (UK. or 56mpg USA) at highway speeds of 100 to 120kph (about 70 to 80 MPH) top speed 160KPH.

Great to be back! When your bike is sick you fix it. When you are sick the bike fixes you.
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