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Hi all, new member here from CT USA. I ride a BMW R1150RT, and I am going to get an '05 Burgman 650. Does anyone have any experience with the over drive on the '05?
Thanks, Hank :)
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Welcome to BurgmanUSA! No one in the USA has experience with the overdrive yet, because the '05 AN650s will not be available until March. I am not sure if they will be released earlier elsewhere, but I haven't heard of anyone getting one yet.

What part of Connecticut are you from? I lived in Connecticut most of my life - most recently in Guilford.
Welcome Hank!

This Spring when I shoot up to MA, perhaps we can meet up for a ride. If you don't have your Burgy yet you can check out mine if you like.
I'm in the center of the state, Paul. Berlin.
Johnny, maybe meet at Marcus Dairy on your way through. Ever go there?
Hi Hank
Welcome to the forum :hello2:
I think we all await the user reports of overdrive with considerable interest!
Don't know Marcus Diary, but with a little direction I am sure I can find it. I usually take 84 all the way but can easily alter my route.
Greetings Hank and welcome to the forum. Hope you get your 05 650 soon.

I was born & raised in Plainville. As a teenager, Berlin was sometimes on the "cruise" route. Over the years I often rode out to Marcus Dairy on Sunday mornings. Always saw something interesting in that huge parking lot full of motorcycles & riders. One of the best gathering spots in the USA for motorcyclists! I miss that.
Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums Hank. Glad to have you join us.
Welcome to the group!
Welcome to the group Hank.
This is THE place for all things Burgman. :)
Welcome to the forum Hank. I didn't even know the 2005's were going to have an overdrive. I have a 2003 650 with 15,700 miles on it and it rocks. It's the best bike I have had in a long time , and I have been riding since I was 13 and am 52 now...I sure would like to hear some reports about the 2005.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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