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After a series of two Honda Nighthawk 750s, a 1999 Kawasaki Concours, and two Suzuki V-Strom 1000s, I wanted to downsize a little so I could more easily explore the narrow backroads in West Virginia while still being OK for long trips. I had never tried a scooter before, but after reading so many positive posts here, I decided to try out a used 2007 with only 2,300 miles collecting dust in the corner of a local dealer. After a 20-mile test ride, I was hooked, and they were ready to deal! Smooth, plenty fast enough for me, comfortable on my old back, and it handles great (still getting comfortable with walking speed U-turns as the CVT transitions from neutral to drive, but getting better).

I've had the bike for 1 week now and have only had time to add about 100 miles to the odometer thanks to about 2 inches of total precipitation. I have some time next week (wife is going out of town :D), and the weather is looking cooler and drier, so I already have some road trips planned.

I really like the enclosed storage under the seat, with about the same room as the soft saddlebags I had on my V-Strom. Also like the quick handling on the WV curves. I just did an oil/filter change, CVT oil change, and final gear drive oil change, so I'm ready for the road. Brake fluid looks very clear, so I believe it was flushed. I will probably do a coolant flush soon. Now all I need is a few days' break in my work schedule!

My Motorcycle Website: Please visit!

Proud new papa. I replaced the Givi windshield pictured here with the stock windshield that the original owner provided. I don't like looking through plexiglass at night in the rain with oncoming traffic. I'll probably put it back on before winter with the added hand protection and height.

Oil change day - the Honda dealer did not change the oil since "it only had 2K miles". Yeah, but it's a 2007, so how old was the oil? Now it's good.

Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W40 (JASO-MA rated) / Fram 6018 filter (please don't start a Fram war - I used them on my V-Strom with 45K miles and my wife's '99 Ford Contour with 157K miles and no oil usage or problems) / and Super Tech 75W-90 Semi-Synthetic gear oil.

I broke two of the very brittle tabs getting them off. Later, I went to NAPA and they had a bag of replacements with more HD heads - 6 for $5. Perfect fit.

New fill of Rotella T6. Just need a few drops to top it off.

Final drive gear oil was easy to change. Much more "Low/No Maintenance" than chains. Cleaner too.
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