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Lend me your experience....

Considering storing the Exec and touring a Vstrom for a couple of years.
I have a 2009 650 Exec nicely set up.

Tires are a factor on this...rider near me gets 22-25k km out of his Wee tires.
Pretty close to 3 x what the Burgman rear gets
Suspension is a big factor.
Limited off pavement is a factor.
Power and top end is a factor.
Range is a factor....50% more on the Wee.
lower maintenance on the Burgman is a factor tho that is mostly chain and I'd get an oiler.

This 2004 for $4k

2004 Suzuki DL650 V Strom
35 500km
Givi Hard side and top cases
Runs great, no problems
Can anyone tell if that is the stock seat?

Same insurance as the Burgman 650 but less likely to need repairs on a minor drop.

3 rear tires plus install $450
2 front tires plus install $300

versus 1 set on the Wee based on 25k km. $320 or so for Trailwings installed.

Gas about the same.
Range 50% more.

Suspension - way better.
Slow speed handling a bit top heavy.

So back to the equation...grab one for a year or two and store the Burgman.
I figure they are like the KLR650 in that they tend to hit a base price around $4k and stick there.

I can finance this so not a lot of cashflow hit.......

Who me indecisive....nah

I really need a demo ride for half a day. Maybe go to Guelph and see if I can sweet talk them.

I don't think either has ABS which is one reason I moved up on the Burgman 650 tho I've never needed and I brake like I don't have it....still.
WIth later models not that much more with ABS......

This $6k one has ABS.....that certainly makes it the more attractive deal and for sure gets financed.

Kilometers 47835
Year 2010
Stock 13808
Aluminum skid plate, Givi touring windscreen with MadStad adjustable windshield mount, Jesse aluminum panniers, engine guards, 12V accessory plug, steel braided front brake line, BarkBusters with Storm handguards, and a Vista Cruise throttle lock.
Now this is Canadian prices so not directly comparable - I'd lean toward the 2010 with ABS to hold it's value.
I'd likely put on 40k km in two years.

Those who have owned both...if you were doing some 3-7 day trips both slab and twists - what are the advantages/disadvantages.

If I put on 40k on the 2009 Burgman 650 Exec I'll be getting into CVT risk mileage.

That is a factor.

This is a clip from a thread here....

Lots of Weestrom riders chiming thought I would get the Burgman side here.

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It looks like the stock seat to me. I find the stocker ok. Many hate it. Easy to remove w/ great access to battery.

They are a solid bike. Many ride off road but I don't think it is so great in that respect. Mine is pretty twitchy in the wind, especially as tires wear.

I haven't ridden the new generation but think I would buy newest I could afford and w/ ABS.

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Fit like a glove and less turbulence than the Burgman which is weird.

Palm throttle yup
Cruise yup
Adjustable windscreen yup
engine guard and crash plate.
new chain

Literally the guy must have been the same size as me. Mirrors everything were in the right place.

Sat on a stock one - bars were a tad far forward with the big tank...
One I bought of course had risers on it. ...of COURSE it did...
Bark busters yup.

It just fit and I'm flat foot on it - with my mesh riding pants I think it might be easier to get on than the Burgman.

My top case will fit with a $50 plate I picked up there.
Ready to roll tomorrow morning.

Quite pleased. :D

I'll likely store the Burgman since insuring both is punitive here ( $650 )
Or ship to Australia - have to think about that carefully tho.

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I will tell you this- it is a MUCH better street bike than my KLR 650 is. No comparison. Smooth, powerful, and tours easily at 80+ MPH. Really a great bike.

Now having said that, my KLR is a whole lot better on unpaved roads than my buddy's Weestrom is, but since 99.9% of his miles are paved then it really matters very little in that regard. I do like to play in the dirt a little bit every now and then but the KLR is certainly not a motocross bike and it will let you know it quickly and painfully if you get too stupid with it.

The DL650 is a fine bike and I surely wish that I had a need for one.

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yes - i have a KLR 650 in Australia and they are very different bikes.

I really don't consider any of the twins for serious offroad. The KLR on the other hand with the monstrous front wheel it's surprising what it will jump.
We went on what is normally a milk run forest track but post cyclone a lot of debris and fairly deep gulleys.
KLR got me out of some tricky nasties = I could hear Ken getting worried ( we had Scala's on )
He even fell off in one which is unheard of ( was not on his bike tho - was his nephews )
The 606s tracked very well....rear end kicked sideways pretty hard in one gully but front stayed on track and rear grabbed and climbed out....bit of white knuckle.
Then a good sized log had to sti back and haul but the KLR just treated it as a speed bump...

Of course being out of practice I got myself stuck on a simple spot that I just needed to blast through instead of tiptoing as I did. Ken was disgusted ( he's serious hard core off road - most of the dual sport riders are in Northern Australia)

If you are is the thread

some stuff

not what I do there

this is more my speed but I managed to dump sideways in the mud after getting nicely through on one of these

ya do have to plan

My KLR in the foreground...

We went 110 km in 95 degree heat to be stopped at the Mitchell river....8 km from the highway home.
Kezza almost drowned walking out to check it...called it his chicken dance...that river was a freight train.

Have never yet crossed the Mitchell from either side despite a few attempts.

The boys get into stuff I won't tackle on the KLR - it's just too heavy.

But I also like a bit of off pavement and the Wee will give me that and it's got nice 80/20 tred on it so when Winding Roads gets me onto some dirt it will be more fun that tiptoeing on the Burgman.

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Well....not storing the Burgman after all...

TD Insurance lets me cover both bikes for $937 versus $631 for one.
$30 to keep the Burgman insured and available...
No brainer. Even happier now.
Wee for touring
Burgman for groceries.

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Be sure to post a review l'm curious what you think about touring comfort the wee vs the burg. If I was to go back to a bike from a scoot I would look hard at the wee.

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I just sold my Wee-Strom, best bike I have owned in over 50 years of motorcycle ownership. Hardest thing I have had to do in a while. I loved that bike but due to medical problems I just couldn't pull the clutch over and over any more. I was already having trouble mounting and dismounting the bike before I developed the left hand problem. If my hand hadn't caused the sell of the bike I would still have it, it was just that great of a motorcycle. At least I do have visiting privileges as I sold it to a good friend.

You need to put a bash plate and engine guards on your Wee unless you bought that black one that already has them. Trust me on this. Those bikes can be expensive to repair without them if you drop it even in a no speed drop.

Doug (out in Kentucky)

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Yes the black one. All the great farkles. Looking forward to a serious first ride tomorrow - weather is superb.

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Missed my heated grips this morning tho Bark Busters kept my hands warm. Just used to having the warmth get my circulation moving. Easy enough fix with some glove liners.

Bike is enjoyable, noisier than the Burg by a substantial factor. - Burgman is whisper quiet in the helmet at speed - fair bit of mechanical noise on the Wee. That is a bit of a concern as I'm used to the quieter ride. Seems to come up under the helmet as I noticed my neck was cold as a well. But no helmet buffeting which is nice.

Might get that Sargent seat sooner than was "okay" on the stock seat but I'm doubtful on distance comfort.

Figured I'd hit the Forks before the mob arrived. Still prettu busy up here but just nice atm.

Legs chillier of course but given I'm all mesh just now - the ride up at 15 degrees was fine.

Tailbag set up worked okay for now...can get my leg over and fits lappie and rain jacket.

Have to figure a spot for the iPhone - think it will fit over the Barkbusters.

Bike more nimble tho not much more mid-range than the Burgman with the Power button on.

Really a mix across the the Burgman to the KLR - bit of both. Half asleep still - got up too early....

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Got the front storage and Nav set up for day to day, photo shoots and maybe okay touring with that smaller bag.
Replaces the storage on the Burgman and then some and more accessible and the iPhone is dead centre which I prefer and can be tilted a bit.

Power out is accessible and it turns off with the bike. Still have to run the cable for the heated gloves but with this weather no rush :D

and yes I know the tank bag is reversed but prefer it. Better viz and map pocket is useful in this direction as is the little pocket

Lovely night and traffic not too bad...went up to the Forks then over to York Soaring - cleaned my visor and then over to Arthur for gas and home.
Stunning sky - marginal shot with the iPhone

Have to work on the seat a bit but kids tank bag was fine - with that and the top case - good for local rides and the side bags for touring. I suspect I'll be putting a lot of Ks on this. Sweet ride.
Was warm enough even with the wrong gloves on miss the heated grips/

Now to get the Top case mounted and I'll be ready to play hooky tho I can live with the side cases. This weather is too good to miss.
next day

Ready to ride...



Needed four hands for the **** mounting plate.

Burgman looks denuded without the topcase but will be interesting to see if any difference in handling etc.

Now to figure space in the garage.

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Nice bike, Doc -- the second nicest after the Vee 1 :)

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I sold a well-sorted Vee to buy my first Burgman Exec. The Burgman is a great machine, but I wish I had the Vee back. I won't ride anything without ABS anymore.

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I missed my vee so much i bought an other one have just been given the opportunity to buy a 1000 cheep so will get that also >got a bit of adventure tour thing happening in the garage ,vee strom 650 non ABS ,Ducati Multistrada, Cagiva navigator (the one with the TLR1000 motor) and now the 1000 vee strom NON ABS (I don't like ABS on the dirt)
Why all these bikes some would say... WELL i have a serious bike addiction .I am not addicted to any thing else so if there is a 12 step group for motor cycle addiction i want to join (might be a few bargains for sale ).
If any one is interested in a comparison between these bikes i am happy to do it

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Missed the Burgman a today - chilly windy wet ride to the Forks. Barkbusters did okay but sure missed the heated grips.

11 degrees C ( 51F ) and okay when sheltered but with the wind going horizontal in the rain squall my face was getting chilly. Should have put the neck warmer on which I will on the way home.
The Scott jacket with the liner was excellent ( it's a great deal at half price for hi-tech wear )
- toasty the whole way - zippers a bit stiff but overall that's a keeper. I had my lightest riding shirt underneath and a shortsleeve dryfit T and could not be happier with that.

If I add the ColdPruf long sleeved base layer I can seen core being warm way down.
HAve some heated glove liners coming next week and that will take care of the hands.

Feet were chilled which never happens with the Burgman. Just need to wear wool socks and the taller waterproof boots I think. Might take some thinking but the Burgman is there for local rides and never even have to consider weather protection for legs and feet.

Got cold on the top of my feet - hiking boots and light poly socks didn't cut it - also did not have the waterproof liner in the riding pants tho not really needed.

Glad I did not commit to a Bracebridge run ( $150 mi each way ). It was fine up to the Forks and if there was no wind would be a decent day.

But between rain squalls and the wind I suspect it's gonna nail any color.
Bike was comfie an Beadrider lets me move around.

HAve a used Saddleman Adventure seat coming

I think it has a bit more room in the bucket..


Anyone looking for an all-season jacket this is a treat and on a great deal.
Takes a week to arrive. Go a size up from your usual tho That will be my cross country touring jacket for sure.

GORE-TEX® membrane, windproof, breathable and waterproof
95% PA 500D, 5% PTFE

Z-liner GORE-TEX® construction
Waterproof labyrinth frontclosure system
Ventilationsystem at back panel
Comfortable high and soft collar
Waterproof stormcuff with thumbloop
Insulated frontflap
Meshlining with padded kidneypanel
Removable inner thermo-insulaton with supersoft padding and ripstop taffetta
Ripstop reinforcement at elbow and back
SAS-TEC protectors EN 1621-1 approved at elbow and shoulder
3D-meshpocket for optional backprotector
Adjustment at collar, waist, hem, sleeve and cuff
Pleats at ellbow for perfect movement
Reflective elements
4 outer pockets
2 waterproof innerpockets
Connection Zipper

Precurved sportive touring fitting
Jacket was good but today I missed the Burgman.

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I looked seriously at the V-Strom 650 (and KLR 650) before I bought the Lardy. The one major disadvantage for an old fart like me with bad knees and stiff joints is not having that 1/4 acre of footboard on which to move my boots around on long rides. Even adding a set of highway pegs won't give you the same comfort I think. Otherwise they look like great machines. Oh, and with my recent injury after "meeting" with a cage 2 weeks ago, it's hard (painful) enough swinging my leg over the Lardy's hump, there's no way in h**l I could climb over a tank.

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Yeah I'm still working on the seat to be able to move around more...the Beadrider works but adds some height I could do without.

I could not tour a KLR tho it's okay for couple hundred k day in Australia.

The Wee has legs ....just need to sort seat.....and my highway pegs are pathetic.

it's hard (painful) enough swinging my leg over the Lardy's hump, there's no way in h**l I could climb over a tank.
I find it easier to mount the Wee than the Burgman for that very reason.
Getting a leg over the hump with stiff knees and stiff riding gear is a pain.
Bending at the hip and swinging a leg over the Wee seat is easier......go figure.

I may end up mounting the Burgman that way.
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