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Is it possible to change the 12 hour format of the digital
clock on the American/Canadian model Burgman to a 24 hour mode
which is (probably) used on European and Japanese models?

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The AN650 service manual states that the clock is in 12 hour AM/PM format only.

It is possible to attach a custom segment demultiplexer to the LCD's LSI port drivers for the clock to
output 24 hour time.
This would cost under $100us and would enable the rider to set the time
like the book says (12hr) but it would switch to 24 hour format when running.

Allow 15 weeks for the first one (yours) and I would temporarily need your
speedometer panel to build the circuit into for about the last 2 weeks.

There would not be any outwardly detectable signs that a hardware format modification is installed except
to look at the clock.

I.M. me if you're interested.

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clock (24 hour format)

Simply because I prefer the 24 hour mode in a digital clock. Aside from
that, the 24 time mode is the norm in many parts of the world, and is
universal in military organisations around the world. Likewise airlines.
And railroads. And hospitals. And shortwave radios.

Your computer running Windows allows you to switch to the 24 hour mode
in the 'International' setting section. Same for date format. Back in the days
of DOS, you did this by changing the country code i

Vehicles (or at least cars) built for international markets (typically by
Japanese or European manufacturers) generally use the same instruments
on models shipped to the USA and Canada, but with the instruments set
to miles and gallons for the US, kilometers for distance and speed, litres for volume for Canada, and the 12 hour am/pm clock format for both. For Japan and Europe, it is litres, kilometres, and 24 hour clock mode. (I am not sure about the UK).

Generally, it is possible to switch such instruments from one format to the other simply by entering a country code. I was hoping that this would be the case for Suzuki, so I could switch my Canadian Burgman clock that way.

It would be interesting to learn from Burgman owners in Europe or Japan
as to what format their clock is in.
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