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I'm still rather new to bikes; I've not completed my first year of motorcycle/scooter ownership yet. However, I'm beginning to notice a trend. Apparently, motorcycle owners are not expected to actually _ride_ their bikes. Instead, they buy them primarily as conversation pieces. "My Kawazuki Jaccuzi will do 0-60 MPH in three tenths of a second!" "Oh, yeah? Well, my Honley Testosterous holds the curves better!" Yet it all remains theory, because neither owner will take their bike out except on the one weekend a year when the weather is just perfect, and even then will only ride it long enough to be Seen By Others as doing so. Neither will ever become proficient enough to properly utilize their machine's capabilities.


We seem to be a different breed entirely. A friend who's been a fountain of wisdom on bikes (he's ridden for thirty years) once asked me how many miles I had on my Burgy. At that point I'd put on 3k in three months; I felt a bit guilty that it wasn't more, as I'd driven the cage many times when I hadn't really needed to. His eyebrows rose, and I found out that this figure exceeded his last three years of riding.

Since then, I've understood why the "practical" features we value so much are never even mentioned by so many reviewers. We buy Burgmans to ride. Others buy their bikes as art objects or status symbols, while we actually use them for getting around. Therefore, the two groups value their bikes in different ways.

It's as simple as that.
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