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Burgman 400 muffler squeaks?

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I have a 04 Burgman 400, with around 3800kms.
Rev the engine(when cold) up to around 3000rpm and let go the throttle
& I can hear it squeaking.
It started to squeak at around 2000kms.
It sounded like a loose fan belt in a car but not that loud.
Took it to the dealer today for them to check it out again.
They said because of the three-way catalyst in the muffler. (something about the moisture in there & squeaking is normal when cold?)
So what I need to know is, what year is your Burgman 400,
what mileage, & and does your muffler squeaks when cold?
Please post up Year, Mileage, and does it squeak.
I am going to print this out and show it to my dealer.

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Year model : 2003
Mileage : 2300 miles
Squeaks : Nope!
I think I can speak for 3 of us who ride our 400's togather regularly:

All are '04's, with 3K, 6K, 11K, no squeaks
As below and no squeaks.
Double check the two hex nuts holding the exhaust pipe on to the header pipe to see that they are tight.
ted clement said:
Double check the two hex nuts holding the exhaust pipe on to the header pipe to see that they are tight.
Thanks ted,

I took it back to the dealer where I bought my bike from. (twice)
2 different mechanics double check all the nuts & bolts already.
They believe it is because of the three-way catalyst in the muffler, that's causing the squeaks, which they said is normal.
That's why I need to know anymore squeaky mufflers out there
on the 400 Burgman.

If you do not mind me saying so, it may be worth removing and remounting and ensuring the muffler mounting bracket is sound.

Removing all the fixings and examining each bolt in turn should also reveal any signs of fretting.
Just an update,

got a new muffler today under warranty.
Squeaks gone. :p :hello1:
Dang! You went and got the muffler replaced before I got a chance to suggest to tell you to check the muffler bearings... :)
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What's a syntax?
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What's a syntax?
Isn't that what you pay at church? :roll:
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