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Burgman 400 2005 Petrol FLap

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I am a complete newby to this site so please forgive me if this thread is in completely the wrong place.
I have just bought a tidy 2005 400 Burgman which is just about spot on, the only problem I have is (believe it or not) the petrol flap. If i press the flap release button, it releases the flap, but it doesn't pop up like it should. If i open it with my nail and look inside, I can see the spring intact and attached at the coiled end but the other long end is just sticking out at the top edge, and quite clearly should be hooked up against something to put the tension on the flap. the trouble is I cant work out what it should be hooked up against. there is my problem. Any help appreciated. A photo of the flap with the spring attached, taken from behind would be excellent. Cheers, Griff. England
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I've never tried to take it apart so not sure how it goes together. I looked in the manual and could not find any instructions on taking it apart. Suzuki does sell replacement parts for it so it looks like you should be able to disassemble it. I looked at the fiche for the parts and could not see any screws that hold it together so it is probably just a snap together kind of thing. Here is a link to the fiche so you can see what the parts look like. That might help you puzzle it out.
Thanks for the url. I wanted to get a new cover for my muffler. Found it, thanks to you!! I bookmarked the site.
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