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I posted this elsewhere on this site, but thought I'd add it to this list....sorry for the duplication. Won't happen again. Thx for the responses thus far. Anyone else? (I did show the brochure to folks at work - the reponse was 99% positive, with one harley hold-out).

Ok. I just saw a new blue 650 Burgman at MetroMotorsports on Dysart Rd, and i sorta fell in love. I've not ridden much, but would love to commute on a bike. I can't believe i'm looking at a "scooter," but i'll admit. it looks cool. The dealer (of course) wouldn't let me test drive it.

Questions: I'm 6' 2", 205 - is it comfy for short and long (weekend) rides?

Does it have enought "get up and go" in some of the highway traffice we have? For example, if you are going 65 on I-101, and need to punch it to go 80 to keep from having a truck squish you, does it do it? It's tough to believe that it will.....I can't believe the dealer, but he said it would.

This auto AND manual shifting stuff - does it really work? Can you be in auto and going 60, shift it to manual and drop it a gear to pass someone? Does keeping it in auto do enough to pass a semi?
(what is that "PASS" button for on the left handle? - dealer said to "flash your lights to pass" - is that right?)

Any and all help is needed. Now (finally) that the cool (80's) weather has arrived, the bug has hit. It's either this or yardwork, so PLEASE help me!

Wife is supportive, but my helmet and phx jacket are collecting dust. I've started to compare it to the Silverwing, but only just begun. What's the topspeed? Does it stay cool in 115 degree weather (does anything?)?

I really don't care about the image much, but if I'm going to spend 7k on a bike, I want to know it's worth it. Thanks to anyone and everyone who replies!

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Re - Bunch of questions from potential AZ Burgman rider!


Comfort :-
For me good, ride 50k to and from work each day.

Get up & go :-
Yes please, in "D" it takes a second to get going due to high gearing bit like rubber band stretch then go, Peg it RPM app. 5,500 from memory
But in Power mode it just goes, Peg it RPM 7,000 again from memory
Manual mode only used 2-3 times but red lines quicker then you can push "UP" button
P.S. - I was over taking 2 cars and semi this morning in "D" half way through I was running out of road, hit the Power button no problems back into my line, Wicked !! :lol: (App. 90k then started to overtake backed off when i was in my lane think it was at about 140k)

Pass button :- As the dealer stated

Top speed :- So far only taken it to 160k on the speedo, but i'd say anyother 10-20k left. (it gets there quickly and feels stable, you think your only doing 100k)

Hope thats answer some questions for you

Seeya Greg ...

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Bunch of Answers for potential Burgman 650 rider!

I own a 2003 Blue Burgman 650 which I bought 7 weeks ago. I now have 2800 miles on the machine. I also own a 2003 Suzuki V-Strom 1000cc motorcycle. Both machines are very capable and a lot of fun.

Scooter answers:

- Looks cool? You wouldn't believe the interest it generates! I get a lot more people coming over to get a look at the Burgman than the V-Strom when I stop for a break.

- I am 6'6" and 230 lbs. It is very comfortable after 2 modifications. I removed the rider backrest to get more legroom, and I replaced the stock windscreen with a Clearview shield. (You will most certainly want to replace the stock windscreen. A Givi screen runs about $120, a Clearview runs $139 shipped. The Clearview is available in 3 heights - the Givi is one standard size. I tried both & prefer the Clearview.) Removing the backrest is a matter of two screws - no big deal. The stock seat, although soft, holds up quite well on a long ride. I replaced my V-Strom seat with a Corbin, because the stock seat got uncomfortable after 100 miles or so. But the Burgman seat is fine - I think I'll leave it stock.

- At 65 mph, in straight automatic mode, whack the throttle & the transmission downshifts ratio a bit & the machine will accellerate briskly up to the high 90's - which is where I back off (usually at the end of a pass). You also have Power mode & Manual mode if you want a bit more initial punch - but I usually don't bother. I ride 95% of the time in straight automatic mode - it works great!

- Yes, all three transmission modes work as they should & you can switch between modes on the fly and at any speed. The Pass button is a headlight flasher, as the dealer described.

- Compared to the Silver Wing, the Burgman 650 handles much better, has a bit more engine, and a far superior transmission. For a tall, long-legged person, the handlebars on the Silver Wing contacted my legs when turning them to full lock - the Burgman 650 handlebars easily clear my legs. I've ridden the Burgman with sport touring bikes through the twisties at 70 mph plus quite easily. My understanding is that the SW is not so good at that. The Burgman has radial tires (the SW doesn't) and bigger wheels. There is really no comparison. According to guys who have owned both, the Burgman 650 is clearly superior.

- Top speed is supposed to be a bit over 100mph. I've had mine up to 98 or so (indicted) and it was still accellerating, so I have no doubt that it will top 100. Like most machines, the speedometer is about 10% optomistic, but I believe it will attain a true 100 mph. Doesn't really matter to me. My V-Strom is electronically limited to a true 135 mph. But on either machine, once I get much over 90 mph I start thinking about my license...

- I've ridden it in 40 degree weather and 90 degree weather. The engine warms up rather quickly to show 3 bars (out of five) on the temp gauge, and stays there - regardless of the outside temperature. Maybe 20 degrees or 120 degrees would change that - but I don't really care to ride in either extreme. As far as rider comfort in hot weather, I think its better than a motorcycle because the engine is fully enclosed. On really hot days, the heat coming off of a motorcycle engine when idling in traffic can be quite annoying.

My motorcycle is more powerful, considerably faster, and makes great motorcycle sounds... Either machine is capable of sport-touring. The bizzare thing, is that if I take the V-Strom out for a weekend ride, I get home with typically 130 miles on the trip counter (and a smile on my face). If I take the Burgman 650, I get home with about 180 miles on the trip counter (and a big smile on my face). Why do I typically ride further on the scooter? I don't really know - I just do. And if I'm going on an errand run - the scooter is handier. I can go to the supermarket and put 2 12 can cases of pop under the seat plus several small plastic grocery bags.

The Burgman 650 is definitely worth the price of admission.

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I bought one tonight

After a lot of thought, reading everyone's comments, and a bit of a discussion with my wife, I bought a 650 Burgman tonight.

More details later, but suffice it to say:

I'm in heaven. And, I have a fantastic wife and 3 wonderful kids.

Thanks everyone. See you on the road. I'm the one with the big cheesy grin.
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