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Broken Tail Light Lense

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Any had to replace a tail light lenses? Hopefully I can just buy the replacement lenses and not have to buy the entire assembly. I can't find any reference to it in the service manual. I e-mailed Ron Ayers to check of availability but haven't heard any response yet.
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I would be pretty sure you can get a replacement lens - just not in clear/white - as far as I uunderstand anyway.
I've taken the tailights apart on Ann's 400 and on my 650. The lens comes glued to the body of the assembly from the factory. I'd buy one off of eBay. It is possible to pull the lens loose from the glue without damaging either piece in case you wanted to buy an assembly with a broken tab to get it cheaper (possible - but not particularly easy). It would give you a good opportunity to add some LED pods to it (add flashing brake light pods, extra running lights or turn signals...). There's room for them - and they don't use hardly any electricity. Just be sure to reglue it with some fresh Marine Goop or something similar. I added a driving light to the center of Ann's 400's tail that way. I've been wanting to add others - but all of my tools are in storage until we get moved.
How bad are they?

Hey Bill - how badly damaged are those taillight lenses anyway? I'm wanting to add some LED lights to mine but my tools are in storage so I haven't been able to. Anyway - if they aren't too busted up they might come in handy for my to look at and practice on. If you decide you want to mess with them yourself - then use a hot air gun to warm up the glue in the seam between the lens and the assembly - that will make it easier to remove the lens (or what's left of it). If you don't want them I'd like to pay you to ship them to me rather than just trashing them.

FWIW: hummer_5 on eBay had a left and right (each with 1 broken tab) with a starting bid of $19.95. They didn't sell - so he may still have them. ... 4516007520
Thanks for the info Robert. Only about 2-3 inches of the red stop light lenses is broken (I was backing up the truck in the carport and just touched the lenses with the truck bumper). I have temporarily taped most of the pieces back together until I can get a replacement lenses. Haven't gotten a reply from Ron Ayers yet. I'll call the Suzuki dealer tomorrow and see what they say.

I checked out e-bay as you suggested but can't figure how to contact the seller, hummer_5. I haven't used e-bay for anything so not sure how or if it is possible to contact a seller.

I’ll post a follow up here to let everyone know what if find out about replacement lenses availability.
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