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Bridgestone Tires Available

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Monday nite I ordered some Bridgestone tires for my 400 as well as for a buddy. If you order $150 worth, shipping is free.

OnTuesday nite I decided to add another front tire for myself if it wasn't too late. Nice lady on other end of phone said "no problem...your other three tires are already shipped but we'll send this one seperately, also free.

Prices for 400 rear are 66.44 for example. Didn't ask about avail of 650 but price or rear one is $100.77.

Have done business with them before; they are prompt. They send you UPS shipping code so you can track them. Mine will be here tomorrow, thursday. ... cooter.htm
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Not too bad of prices... but they can't spell Burgman. :lol:
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