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What a **** shame - some demented individual exploded 2 "pressure cooker" bombs killing 3 people - so far.!! And injuring over 170...!!

Thousands of people gathered to have a good time watching the runners (27,000 of them) to cross the Finish Line. An 8 yo boy killed - his older sister had a leg blown off and their mother has severe brain injuries........and is in critical condition. Martin ( the 8 yo boy) had just finished hugging his dad who had crossed the Finish Line and walked back to the spectator area on the sidewalk...... :(
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This is a motorcycle forum.
It is right that some should feel free to comment on current events and in this case express sympathy to the families of those murdered and to those who have been injured. However this forum has rules and there is no scope for political statements or the inevitable hurling of personal insults when polarised views are exposed.
I have deleted posts and issued forum warnings.

I do not intend to lock the thread but please stay on topic and observe the forum rules.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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