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I did a Yahoo! search using the terms "bohn body armor review". Right up at the top was a review by my favorite motorcycle gear reviewers, webBikeWorld. It's a worthwhile review to read and points out a few things from a practical point of view that you don't see in the manufacturer's advertising hype.

Another place I often go to get reviews, is Amazon. Here's some reviews from owners of the pants. ... ewpoints=1 Whether you're looking for pants, or the shirt, I think their comments are worth looking at.

I've never owned this product before, but here's some quick thoughts I picked up in reading and looking at the pictures.
  • You get armor in the impact areas.[/*:m:3gt3ubse]
  • You get nothing for abrasion for sliding down the road, unless you can keep the armor between you and the asphalt.[/*:m:3gt3ubse]
  • The material between the armor is a fine mesh. webBikeWorld compared it to panty hose.[/*:m:3gt3ubse]
  • The mesh material is open enough that the guy in the pictures in the webBikeWorld review wore long underwear for modesty.[/*:m:3gt3ubse]
  • You still need some kind of riding gear over this. Leathers? Textile?[/*:m:3gt3ubse]
  • Putting this on...under your other clothes...would be a pain in the rear.[/*:m:3gt3ubse]
I get the impression this is designed for motocross where everyone is wearing blue jeans and this will slip under them to provide impact protection. If you're sliding along on dirt and mud, you probably aren't as worried about the skid protection like you'd be if you ride on pavement.

If I was looking for new riding gear and wanted to go "all out" (for me at least), I would look for gear with SAS-TEC armor, like the Scorpion Commander II jacket. ... C_ID=10010 In Revzilla's description of the SAS-TEC back protector armor they write:
Cutting edge SAS-TEC material is intelligent armor constructed from visco elastic soft foam smart molecules. It has earned the highest CE rating available (CE level 2), during an impact, the armor freezes and hardens, absorbing the shock and distributing its force over a large area to reduce the risk of fractures. The protector is not destroyed by impact, but reverts back to its original state and maintains its capability to protect from multiple impacts.

SAS-TEC Armor has a soft and pliable exterior (as opposed to rigid KNOX armor) which offers a great deal of comfort and mobility. This protector is anatomically designed and fitted to provide superior spine and back protection as well as the base of the neck /between the shoulder blades.

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I have the Bohn body armor and love it. I have the pants which have more of a nylon jersey texture, not mesh, and much heavier than panty hose.
I wear the armor under jeans a lot in warm weather. I'm not so concerned about the slide as I am about the impact. When I'm concerned about the slide, Draggin' Jeans take care of that, over the Bohn armor.
And I have First Gear armored pants with removable quilted liner for winter, but unless it's really cold, I sometimes even wear the Bohn armor inside those, after removing the knee and hip pads that come with the pants. My leather over pants have knee pads, as well, but I don't like them so I wear the Bohn armor under them all the time, regardless of the weather.

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Plus 1 on the Draggin Jean over them for sure! :thumbup:
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