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Our local BMW/Triumph/Vespa dealer is a real class act. A couple times a year, they have an Open House, and will let you ride just about anything from big Rocket III's to little Vespas.

I usually only ride something I would consider owning (no Rocket III), so this year I took out the new BMW R1200RT and the Vespa Granturismo 200.

I really liked them both. I've always been a fan of the R/RT, and this one is just super. It's lighter and more powerful than last years, and I like that added sporty feel. Even so, it retains the feeling of quality and solidity. It's superbly comfortable too. It's probably worth the 16k if you were retired and had a very strong interest in touring in gracious style across the country.

The Vespa GT was a true delight. Smooth, like adjusting the volume knob on a very nice stereo amplifier. It seemed plenty powerful enough to me. In the middle of the ride, the leader asked if I'd like to try the Piaggio BV500 he was on. I said sure; I wish I hadn't. Certainly it was much more powerful, but with a significant loss of engine smoothness. As for the GT, Wow, they nailed it. I would love one to ride around town every day.
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