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Hey guys,

I've been researching since I got the Sena SMH10 kit, how to actually control the phone (galaxy s3) with voice commands, it works no problem if you have swipe or no security set on the phone, but if you have a PIN lock, you're in trouble, because S-Voice wont work when the PIN Lock is set.

Here is the workaround I've successfully managed to get it working today and so far has worked well.

1) you need an Android phone, and PIN lock set as security measure.
2) you need the application called "Tasker" from Play store, (its just 2 bucks)
3) turn on your bluetooth headset and pair it with the phone
4) Open Tasker and do as it follows:

Profile->State->Net->Bluetooth Connected
Select the Magnifying glass under Name
Select your Bluetooth device

Task->Plugin->Secure Settings (you will need to download this plugin, dont worry, it's gonna tell you right there)->Edit->Password/Pin->Disabled (make sure Device Admin Enabled is selected)

Go back to Profile and press the Unlock Task for a bit. Select Add Exit Task
Plugin->Secure Settings->Edit->Password/Pin->Enabled->Select PIN/Password->Type in your PIN/Password (make sure Device Admin Enabled is selected)

***End of settings***

Basically what it does, is to remove the PIN lock when the configured bluetooth device is connected with the phone and when you turn off your bluetooth, it will get the PIN Lock set as it was before. Note that Tasker will continue running in the background and it may drain some battery

I hope this helps somebody else, and let me know if you have any questions.
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