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Blue tooth for the helmet

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Long story short I've been avoiding getting a blue tooth device for the helmet. I don't like the distraction of texts, phone calls, etc coming in when I am riding.

However I've reached the point where the GF is riding two up more often. The rides are reaching 100 to 150 miles regularly and we are starting to talk seriously about touring on the bike.

So I may bite the bullet and get a Bluetooth device. I know I can get a helmet with this built in but its still a little more $$$ than I have.

Earlier today I was in a Verizon store and found a stereo headphone that fits around your neck. I like the idea and was wondering if anyone used something similar? What were your thoughts and what device would you recommend? :eek:ccasion5:
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I've been using the HBC 100 standard from cycle gear for almost a year now and have been very happy with it. For a unit that only cost $139.00 and it was around $120.00 on sale when I got it. It has surpassed my expectations. It can connect to your bluetooth ready phone and you can stream music, and answer calls while you're riding and it quickly resumes to music once you or the other party hangs up. It also works well as a rider passenger intercom or to communicate with other riders using the same brand. Everyone I've spoken too on my cell using this device couldn't even tell that I was on a bike until I mentioned it to them. They said the quality of my voice was nice and clear. It's pretty loud too for having such thin speakers and at it's loudest volume I can hear it clearly when I'm wearing my earplugs. There are more expensive models in the HBC line but for my needs this lowest model works perfectly. Teh only gripe I had on this unit was that the buttons are a bit difficult to find when your wearing thick gloves. O yeah the microphone is built into the speakers so you don't have this big annoying boom mic in front of your face taking up precious space between you and your helmet.
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