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BIKETOBERFEST '04, Daytona Beach, FL

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Anyone planning on going to Biketoberfest :shock: in Daytona Beach, FL this year? Dates are Oct. 21 -24. I will be riding down and over with some friends (non-scoots) and was wondering if there was going to be any other Burgmisters there or if I was going to be one of a kind. If anyone is planning to attend drop me an email. Maybe we can show those bikers what maxi-scoots are all about. :wink:
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I'd like to come up from Miami. I'll see if anyone else from the area also wants to attend.
Sounds good.

Sounds like a start. Of course this is assuming there is still a Daytona Beach left after Frances hits land. Being up in Tally, we are not to worried, but you folks down in the southeast might want to tie down the Burgies. :shock: Be safe.

I will be coming down from Knoxville Tn
maybe we can meet some place.
03 silver 650
Kreis, Sounds like a plan. As the event approaches and we get a better idea of interest from the site we can plan futher.
If any burgman riders would like to meet I will be across the steet from the suzuki dealer in south Daytona at the vender lot on Friday about
one oclock .
Have a good day
Kreis .
Kreis, did you get your new seat?
Not much of a response.

Well, I guess there won't be to much of a showing at Daytona. See you guys there. Kreis I'll look for you.
Biketoberfest was a blast!

Well, Biketoberfest came and went and it was great. I test rode, for comparison, the Burgman 650 and then the Honda Silverwing. Burgie won hands down! Other then myself on my AN400K3, I saw another 400 and one 650. All in all it was a great time and worthwhile trip. Did I mention the great weather? :lol:
i rode everything I could get my hands on and it was great
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