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Bikes have no traction on diesel fuel

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Was riding with my son yesterday afternoon & I needed gas. Told him where I planed to stop. It has diesel & gas pumps on the right and only gas pumps to the left which I was going to. Quite a few trucks use it as the price is the best in the area. Most of the time when we ride I'm in front and my son on his Victory Vision 8 ball follows. Well some how he was in front when we turned of the interstate to the station. It's up hill on concrete and he went in a entrance that cars & trucks use, two lanes in & out.
He went up the outside lane to go right while I went up the inside lane to go left. A truck had gone up the lane my son was in that had been leaking diesel. When he got to the top to go right to the pumps he was down in a slit second. :shock: Lucky his bike has crash skids so no damage done to the bike. Only thing hurt on my son was his pride. :oops:

We've used that stations many times to fuel our diesel trucks and I have used the pumps to the left to fuel my bike before.

Lesson learned bikes have no traction on diesel fuel that is spilled on cement. :wink:
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