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Hey Scooterbob,

First time riding a 250, eh? :thumbleft: The AN250 is the main seller in the AN range in the largest scoter market in the world - Japan. The AN400 has no changes apart fro a bored out motor, and ussroundig parts. The seat height, plastics, wheels, suspension are all the same. Why do they both exist? Because the liciense catagories in Japan (250/400/unlimited) demand that bikes of these specific engine capacities (250/400) are available for punters to buy. The 650 is a totally different machine to the 250/400.

I think that the advantages that the AN250 have over the 650 are numerous, depending on you intended use.
For dense city riders - cost of tyres, brakes, fuel economy, engine maintenance, ease of riding in dense cities, general ease of riding.
For those on a budget - cos of ownership (extremely low)
For those that want a fun and 'young machine' - easy to ride, and fun.
For those that ride in wet wather a lot - combined brakes make it brake very securely in the wet, without the expense of the Executive and its ABS.
It must be noted that the AN400 as a simple bore up shares all thee attributes, too.

Benefits of the 650?
To the highway cruiser, tandem rider, long tourer, drag racer: obvious - power, wind protection, stability, more brakes, motorycle frame, etc. Totally different machines for different uses.

Naturally, being a 250 single it will feel somewhat more breatheless than a 650cc parallel twin... :?: :roll: As you know, CVT linked engines are tuned for torque, so the AN250's CVT anchors the engine in the 4,000rpm torque zone to give it decent shove (for a 170kg 250 single) when you turn the throttle. The 650's CVT anchors the engine in a similar one to give us instant access to 50ft lbs of torque. In this way, they are actually remarkably similar...

Handling wise, I'd be confident to say that one you are used to the quick steering set-up you would give yourself a hiding on your 650 on tight bends below 50mph - the AN250, Relfex 250 and Majesty 250 handle so well at these speeds that little can get past them. Although the 650 is amazingly stable and a devstating fast tourer, on a downhill mountain pass the rear biased, combined brake systemed, light and quick turning AN250/Reflex 250 are without doubt faster.

Next time you get a chance to ride one, find the twistiest downhill road you can and the fastest looking full race leathered race rep rider - after a couple of downhill runs he'll wish that he had never met you... :wink:

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