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Big Burger Colours..

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Hi all,

I was just browsing through the hello section and on the thread with burgerWOman a couple of you wanted a piccy of the Green 650...No probs i thought.... 8) Oh yes it is.. :? Green was the second most popular colour here in 2004 and guess what.....Yep they have discontinued it. Also the AN650 is also being stopped here. As of now we can only order the Exec AN650A. We have had the Exec for around a year here. Now here is a silly thing about the colours that are available in Europe now.

UK... ......AN650 Silver, Blue. Exec .... Black (only)
Spain......Exec Silver, Blue, Black
France.....Exec (only)... Silver,Blue,Black.
Germany. Exec (only)...Silver,blue,black
Austria.... AN650 Blue, Silver, WHITE Exec..... Black, Blue, Silver

Yep you did read that right Austria WHITE ...... :?

So it looks as though the AN650 is being phased out..You heard it here first.. :wink:

I will go through my club piccys and post a pic of a green 650 shortly
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Charlypuss said:
Yep you did read that right Austria WHITE ...... :?
I've seen pics of the Skywave 650 in white. (Drooling begins) It's be great if Suzuki would offer more than just 2 colors per year here.
Here is a piccy of the white one...

And here is a link to the al new (?) 2005 AN 400 K5. Now available here in Spain...

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I like the white. If they had the 650 Executive in white, I'd be trading soon. Canada and the US also got the Burgman 400 Type S (only in red) this year. Maybe they're testing the water and will start making a few more offerings over here soon.
@ billmeek.

Just checked Colours available Black, Blue and Red. NO I aint buying one. I'm well happy with me Lardy (that's for normanb) ta muchly.... :D
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