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Ok, I've got a black 2004 650. Never owner any black vehicle before. Wanted a Blue, but couldn't afford a 2005, and couldn't find a 2003. :cry:

Black isn't the color of dirt or dust. In fact dirt or dust must be 50% gray or less, because it shows up with considerable contrast against the black. I don't mind the look of my 650 when it's clean, but all it takes is one day in the weather to put spots of dust or dirt over most of it. :cry:

So, Suzuki: Make a better black. 8)  I've seen demonstrations of surfaces that get a positive or negative charge and then repel anything that wants to settle on them. Could you do that?

While you're at it, black is OK during the day, but invisible at night. Could you make the black light sensitive, so that it glows a little after dark?

Yes, these are both my ideas. :idea:  You can have them if you'll promise to send me a free 650 with the "improved" black paint on it. :)

Dave B.
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