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Best Type of fuel

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I was wondering what they best fuel to use to get the best fuel economy.
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There will be so many answers to this. In my testing, 87 Regular is the best bang for the (4) buck. Others have said premumn is better but I lost about 2 MPG over Regular.
Another thing to remember is the higher the elevation, the lower the octain requirement. So in Denver CO or higher you may find they have 85 octain. That is OK for that elevation. I remember a test was done many years back where a car was run at over 10,000 feet above sea level. They ran it on the low octain for the area and then the High Test for the area and the MPG went down a bit. Then the ran it on sea level's 94 Octain and it got very much lower MPG. The test also did the run at sea level and the car ran very badly on the high altitudes low octain but got the same MPG on the high altitude high test as low altitude regular. :fart:Bad gas.
I have another thought regarding "the best fuel". I recall that I once bought a fancy pants, hi performance car and of course it required fancy pants fuel! What I discovered was that I was unwittingly pumping watery dirty fuel into my tank, fump filter, fuel rail and eventually injectors. How did this happen you ask? Well the gas was so darned expensive that no one bought it besides my dumb self. It sat and sat in the underground tank absorbing God knows what waiting for the moment I liberate it from it's underground ****.
So, the lesson I learned was to buy the cheapest gas from the busiest station you can find and be reasonably assured that the gas you are getting is fresh, clean and water free.

And then there's that. ^^^^
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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