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Belt final drive on a 650??

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In the Feedback section Dodger wrote

"Let's get rid of that gear driven final drive on the AN650 and replace it with a belt drive.

It's quieter.

It's maintenance free.

It's cheaper to produce (maybe you could lower the price??).

It's quieter."

I moved this to the general section because I wanted to respond and get some other opinions.

Dodger, I would respectly disagree.

Quiter - I do not remember the drive gears being loud, is the slight whining from the drive gears or the transmission?

maintenance - you do need to change the oil in the final drive, but you have to replace the belt on belt drive scooters

cheaper - maybe.

I think a belt drive would produce vibration into the bike and would change the smooth running character of the 650.

Any other opinions?
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I would have your bike checked out. This really seems to be bothering you so I surmise that there is a defect in your scooter. I didn't notice a whine until I got rid of the wind noise by installing a Clearview XXL. When cruising, the very gentle whine accompanied by the pulse sound of the exhaust is rather pleasant. It is a song like many describe. While mine isn't loud, being behind the screen does amplify the mechanical sounds. The whine is louder on low speed decceleration (sp?) I think it sounds kind of cool when it does that. My friends comment that they cannot hear the Burgman as I pull up. I noticed it too when my friend rode it. As he pulled up, the thing was way more silent then when I'm behind the windscreen. Still the thing is quieter than most motorcyles I know.
As for me, I'll keep the gears. Given proper maintenance (a super easy long interval oil change) the gears and bearings should last the life of the scooter. To me this is a very simple setup. It's execution makes it seem more complex than it really is. As for "all those seals", how many are there? I would think there is only an input shaft and output shaft seal. No different than a shaft drive unit.
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