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I just, last week replaced my 1 year old EverStart ES9BS. Even on the float charger it didn't survive the brutal winter in the garage.

I replaced with another, and it was DOA, Wal-Mart quickly honored the warranty and replaced with another and it has been fine.

I think for about the same money next time I will try a MotoBatt. They seem to get good reviews, and ADV riders use.

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I'd look at Lithium ion..

2 year warranty - incredibly light and hold a charge.

Shorai LFX Lithium Battery
The Shorai LFX Lithium motorcycle batteries are some of the lightest and most powerful replacement batteries available!
See Shorai Specifications and Dimensions data sheet (pdf) for fitment guide and specifications.
Most powersports enthusiasts have gotten used to hooking up a tender to their lead-acid batteries, all the time. Shorai LFX have much slower self-discharge than the best lead acid do (1/6 to 1/7, on average), they do not sulfate as capacity drops, and they are the ultimate "deep cycle" battery, which means that they can still crank your vehicle even if the remaining capacity is quite low. Therefore most riders will not need to use a tender at all.
A fully charged LFX can sit for a year or more and still retain adequate starting capacity, without damaging the battery. As such, any vehicle which has no current flowing when the key is OFF should never need a tender. At most it should be charged every 6 to 12 months, depending on the average storage temperature (cool storage is much better for any battery).
Newer vehicles may have a significant draw even when the key is OFF, to maintain clocks and computers, etc. In this case Shorai expects that a few hours of riding per month will be all that is needed to avoid tending. If you know that you will go a number of weeks or months without riding, you can either attach a tender, or disconnect the negative cable from the battery. In any case, during storage you may use the voltage chart above and an accurate voltmeter, and consider recharging when the battery is around the 50% capacity remaining mark, or above.
Ultra light - one fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
Zero sulfation for longer service life
Holds unloaded charge for one year without maintenance
Military spec Carbon Composite Case
Faster cranking for better starts
Super-fast recharge rate
No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
Environmentally friendly
Two-Year Warranty!
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