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Over the years I have always set all my bikes up to hook to one of several Battery Tenders I own. So today, it was time to add the pig tail to my new to me (last spring) Burgman 650 Executive. It all looked pretty straightforward. I pulled the battery cover. That thing is in the way while you are working on the top of the battery and Suzuki tells you not to disconnect the wires going to the relays on the top so I just had to shove it out of the way while I was getting to the battery terminals. Added the connections to the pigtail and went to put everything back together. It didn't want to all fit back together because I use fused pigtails. Not enough room with the fused line on the positive terminal. Finally got it back together after about 15 minutes of fighting it. It is working as advertised right now. Glad I did it as the weather is getting colder here at night and I didn't want to go out one day and find the battery wouldn't crank the engine. This was not the piece of cake operation I had thought it was going to be. Oh well, it is done.

Doug in Kentucky
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